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Save bucks on expensive prescription drugs

Save bucks on expensive prescription drugs

Majority of people in USA are being crushed under heavy cost of prescription drugs. Especially those who are under-insured or even worse uninsured are the chief victims of inflation. People suffering from diseases like AIDS, cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and such other fatal diseases that require them to undergo a prolonged medication, often burn a hole in their pockets due to unaffordable medicines. Think of a situation when they have to allocate their fixed monthly income between daily utilities and prescription medicines. Every month patients suffering from such serious aliments shed hundreds and thousands of dollars in buying their prescription medicines.

Now since your income is fixed and you still need prescription medicines, one thing you can do is ask your drug retailer to give you a GENERIC adaptation of the prescription medicine. It is less expensive than the branded version and brings about same effect on the disease. But make sure that these generic drugs are quality tested and fair well in FDA's bioequivalence and therapeutic equivalence tests. Once you are assured of its qualities, go ahead and take the generic cousin of expensive branded medicine.

And if you have ever heard on online Canadian pharmacies, you don't need to trouble yourself anymore. Just a few jabs and clicks on the mouse and within a week your prescription drugs order is at your doorstep. Needless to say, you can make huge savings by purchasing prescription drugs online.

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