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Prescription Drugs abuse on rise in teenagers

Prescription Drugs abuse on rise in teenagers

Developing countries are fighting hard against prescription drugs abuse which is on a high amongst teenagers.

In developed countries studies have revealed an interesting fact that there is a fall in use of illegal drugs by teenagers but abuse of legal prescription drugs is on rise. Some experts have given credit for this change to various movements against illegal drugs. This is of course, a good sign but at the same time use of legal prescription drugs and over the counter medications for pleasure has left anti- drug campaigners confused. They are searching methods to deal with this grim problem of rising abuse of legal prescription drugs. According to anti-drug activists dealing with illegal drugs, alcohol and cigarette is little easier but for Prescription drugs is very difficult. They have given several reasons like –

  • Prescription Drugs are legal – All the drugs are approved by government and the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing these drugs have patent to manufacture them. So it is very difficult to begin campaign against their preparation.
  • Easy availability – Anti-drug activities have attributed for rise of abuse of legal prescription drugs is that they are readily available. As they are used to treat various diseases, therefore, they can be purchased from any local pharmacy or online pharmacies.




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