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What is Prescription Drug Addiction

What is Prescription Drug Addiction

Compulsive use of prescription drug, getting crazy for the drugs, and using illegal methods for obtaining the drugs is called Prescription Drug Addiction . It is ruining people around the world.

Today, majority of doctors, dentists and other consultant rely on prescription drugs for the treatment of diseases. Be it a pain in the body or a sleeping disorder, doctors recommend prescription drugs. When a person gets into the habit of using compulsive drugs as mood elevators it is called Prescription Drug Addiction.

Today millions of people around the world have been suffering from this obnoxious practice. It causes irreversible damages to the body and leads to alienation of friends and relatives. The Prescription Drug Addiction affects the brain of the abuser. It actually makes the abuser feel highly charged or energetic, however, he does not realize that after consuming these drugs his senses stop working.

The Prescription Drug Addiction happens due to taking of medicines without prescription indiscriminately. Though prescription drugs can be accessed throup> 

Consequences of Prescription Drug Addiction

There are very serious damages to the body after using these drugs. It becomes very hard for the abuser to give up this addiction. A person suffering from the Prescription Drug Addiction has to face the following consequences:

Mental Retardation
Excessive Consumption of drugs

What kinds of drugs are used for Prescription Drug Addiction

Most commonly used drugs for the addiction are sedatives, painkillers, and sleeping pills. These are used by people of every age group. These are readily available in the market. Since, the introduction of online prescription drug selling, the situation becomes more dreadful. To prevent children from this addiction, strong relationship, coordination between family members and child is very important.

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