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Are generic medicines effective

Are generic medicines effective

The legitimacy of any kind of generic medicine can be justified on the grounds of FDA guidelines which are responsible for the release and availability of such drugs in the shops. Furthermore, guidelines make sure that generic medicines are safe to consume and cures diseases. People these days use generic medicines more than its branded counterparts to save money. 

Generic medicines are officially as good as branded medicines however the only variation is the appearance or color. The reason for this variation is that there are many drug manufactures that make generic medicines and in order to set a mark of distinction they color their tablets in different colors.

A perfect bioequivalent, generic medicines are quite inexpensive and are easily available in shops, having similar effect on body as that of branded medications. This is a strong reason for people to buy generic medicines. In fact, these medicines are consumed in the same quantity as that of branded medicines and provide similar benefit to your health while fighting against numerous dreadful diseases.    

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