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1. Select the product from Brand, Generic or you can search the product by clicking on "Search" option.
Step 1
2. Select the product
Step 2
3. Once the product is selected, click add to cart button. This will open the 'Login' / 'Register' page. Here you can register as a new customer (by filling up your e-mail address) or login as an existing customer, if you already have an account with us.
Step 3
4. Fill your personal information.
Step 4
5. Click on the 'View Cart' button once your account is created and click ‘Continue Shopping’ to add more products in your cart. Update the quantity by clicking 'Update' .
Step 5
Step 7
6. At the bottom of the same page, you will get four payment option and you can choose any of them as per 
your convenience and make the payment.
Step 8
7. Prescriptions can be submitted by fax at + 1 (760) 284 - 5903 or through e-mail at as an attachment.