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Suhagra - 100mg

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Review by Edward
Suhagra (Posted on 8/25/16) Amazing product, it works and is very effective. Will be back for more!
Review by Joseph
Boing! (Posted on 8/8/16) Great Product
Review by Ulysses
Sugra (Posted on 4/20/16) Very effective product.
Review by david
Unfortunate purchase.... (Posted on 4/6/16) I ordered this product a while ago and have yet to have a good experience. Unfortunately it does not help with erections, and the "side effects" have been consistently the same and very severe: Stuffy nose, Headaches, Reddened skin, Increased heart rate, etc...

So now I have 150 tablets left and job desire to use them. This product may work for you, but without a doubt it has not worked for me.......
Review by Steve
very good products, excellent service (Posted on 3/24/16) Hello. This review will appear (I'll copy it) on 3 products: Suhagra, Tadacip and Ceebis

I presume like most people, I was "afraid" to order online. I did my research, both on products AND online pharmacy, and ended up giving ADC a shot. Ordered Suhagra and Tadacip (that i researched a lot) and tried, kind of "blindly", Ceebis.
Service has been EXCELLENT. Definitely FIVE STARS
Products: in general, brand Cialis and Viagra do have a stronger effect. That being said, if we order online it's because of the price, OR we don't want to make it too "official" we take EDs...
And all these products work well!
Suhagra is a very good. I'm not a Sildenafil expert (prefer Tadalafil, that has a longer effect, even if less intense).
Tadacip works very well. Cialis is stronger. 1/4 of a 20mg pill is more than enough, while Tadacip I personally need 1/2 pill (20mg). Still, very good product.
Ceebis: tried only once (1/2 pill) and worked!
An advice?
Sildenafil (Viagra, Suhagra & co) and Tadalafil (Cialis, Tadacip, Ceebis & co) work very differently.
Try them! also the diff brands... even though you should go for the known and well established ones (for quality assurance, at least), and Cipla (Suhagra and Tadacip) is definitely one of them.
Review by Frank
Best quality for Pulmonary Hypertension. (Posted on 2/5/16) If you have a Heart Condition, this medication can decrease the pulmonary artery pressure by 25%, and increase flow through the heart.
Review by gerald
you owe it to yourself (Posted on 11/27/15) If you're looking for a generic Sildenafil product (Vxxxxa) this is it. I used brand V for 6 months before switching to Suhagra and I will never go back. I have been using Suhagra from ADC for over a year. I still have a dozen brand name V tabs left and use one every now and then to see if there is a difference - there is not. Why pay $10 a pill with insurance, $40 a pill without when you can get them for $0.72? I live in USA and order my 90 day supply every 3 months. arrives in 2 weeks give or take a few days in NYC customs.

You owe it to yourself. Try Suhagra and ADC. to date 5 orders from them processed & delivered with no problem whatsoever.
Review by Anthony Chapman
Suhagra is great. (Posted on 9/3/15) this product is a total sex life saver. works great , would recommend this to anyone that needs a product of this type. works and great price also
Review by Justin
Suhagra (Posted on 8/3/15) Been on this website about a year and a half and for Suhagra...These deals don't get any better. Keeps my troop standing at attention when the occasion arises (pun intended).
Review by Steven Layer
Excellent product (Posted on 7/27/15) Works great, would recommend this product 3fq

Items 1 to 10 of 32 total

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