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Accu Chek Active

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SKU 452
Generic Name For the determination of blood Glucose
Manufacturer Roche, Germany
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
50 Test Strips 1 Coding Chip NA US$ 0.71 US$ 35.50
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The pack of Accu check active contains 50 strips along with a code chip. These are diabetes test strips that test your blood sugar levels. The strips work with a glucose meter to read your blood glucose levels. It is important to know your sugar levels; your blood sugar levels help you manage your disease. When you recheck your blood glucose regularly, you will learn which foods, activities, or medications affect your blood sugar level.

Testing blood glucose

  — Take out a strip from the pack of ACCu chek active

  — Hold the strip; without bending it, gently push the strip in the direction of the arrow.

  — You will feel the test strip lock into place.

  — The meter turns on and displays a check

Applying blood with the test strip in the meter

  — Prick the side of a fingertip with the help of a lancing device

  — Gently massage your finger towards the fingertip to encourage a drop of blood to come out. 

  — Apply the drop of blood to the centre of the strip and then remove your finger from the test strip.

  — The test will appear on display within seconds. The meter automatically saves the result.


You can only use one strip at a time. This means whenever you check your blood sugar level and need a new one. Your doctor will instruct you on how often to check. It may be just twice a day if you have Type 2 diabetes.

No side effects have been reported using this device.

Preparing to test blood glucose

You need the following items to carry out the blood glucose tests:

  — Your glucose meter with the code chip inserted

  — Accu chek strips

  — A lancing device to collect blood

Please read the instructions carefully before testing your blood sugar level for the first time if you have questions about using Accu chek strips. These instructions for use will help you detect your blood sugar step by step. They will provide you with all the necessary information to use these strips.

Please wash your hands with water and soap and dry them well before you begin to test. This helps remove any residues from the skin that can interfere with the test. This also stimulates blood flow and reduces contamination of the pricking site.  

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