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Aloesoft (Daily Body Lotion SPF 20) 300 ml


Aloe soft (Daily body lotion SPF 20)


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SKU 1698
Generic For Aloesoft (Daily Body Lotion SPF 20) 300 ml
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Lotus, India
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Aloe soft (Daily body lotion SPF 20)


Herbal Aloe soft SPF 20 Body Lotion is based on the Ayurveda, the science of life which was discovered five thousand years ago in India and teaches to combine extracts of different herbs in order to heal, protect and enhance the natural quality of your face, body and hair. This exclusive body lotion has long term satisfactory and powerful results. Because sun is one of the major causes that hamper, tan and dehydrate our skin, SPF 20 is the active ingredient in this magical product which fights the harmful UV rays of the sun and protects your precious skin from getting tanned and damaged. SPF 20 acts as a protective layer for your skin against sun for giving you a more beautiful and healthy skin.


Aloe Vera topically heals wounds, sun burns, burns and other critical skin conditions. Besides medicinal properties, it is liberally used in some optimum quality herbal products because of its unlimited cosmetic properties which work wonders for maintaining your skin’s naturally. Cucumber on the other hand has a cooling effect on skin and ideally makes your skin happy and lively. It also effectively cleans, cleanses, softens and smoothens your skin giving you a fresh aromatic and therapeutic fruity fragrance.


Two main enriching ingredients involved in Aloe soft Daily Body Lotion with SPF 20 are Aloe Vera and cucumber extracts. Aloe soft is a non-chemical and non-synthetic effective body lotion that does not only moisturizes but refreshes and soothes your skin. This non-greasy product can be used to moisturize, comfort and hydrate your parched dry body parts, leaving it soft and refreshed. Therefore this one herbal daily skin care lotion answers all your skin problems at once and you need not carry a heavy and messed up vanity with you when you leave your house for work or a vacation.

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