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Alphamoist (Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal oil Free Moisturiser) 80 ml


Alphamoist (Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil Free Moisturizer)


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SKU 1673
Generic For Alphamoist (Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal oil Free Moisturiser) 80 ml
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Lotus, India
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Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil Free Moisturizer is a light oil-free moisturizer, endowed with plant-derived hydroxy extracts. It is tested to replenish your skin moisture to provide a long lasting glowing, smooth and fresh complexion. If used regularly, you will feel that your complexion is rejuvenated and you will start to feel and look younger. Grape & Aloe Vera extracts, Glycerin and milk enzymes are the key active ingredients in this product.


You would just need to cleanse your face thoroughly and then apply this moisturizer lavishly all over your face and neck. Use twice a day for best results. It is a water based moisturizer and hence blends easily into the skin, without looking like an artificial film like other contemporary cosmetics. In some cases, it has also helped in treating acne and oily skin by maintaining just the right content of skin moisturization, without leaving an oily feeling behind. It is rapidly gaining preference in masses because of its unlimited skin benefits and affordable price. This serves well as an all season moisturizer, deeply moisturizing your skin in winters and controlling moisturization in summers. Also this is fine to be used with people from dry to oily skin equally.


Some of the positives of this alpha hydroxy moisturizer are:

1) This is oil free and does not leave a sticky feel behind.

2) Helps in anti-aging of the skin to make you feel and look younger.

3) Comes in a handy and easy to use hassle-free bottle.

4) Dispenses just the right amount to be used in one pump.

5) Moisturizes really well and skin becomes soft and supple.

6) It is herbal and thus fit for all skin types equally, even for sensitive skin.

7) Absorbs readily into the skin.

8) Affordable and has a long shelf life.

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