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Amlopres 2.5 mg

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SKU 34
Generic For Norvasc
Generic Name Amlodipine Besilate
Manufacturer Cipla, India
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30 Tablet/s US$ 0.17 US$ 5.00
60 Tablet/s US$ 0.13 US$ 7.5025%US$ 10.00
90 Tablet/s US$ 0.11 US$ 9.5037%US$ 15.00
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Amlopres 2.5 mg is a prescription medicine for people with high blood pressure and a type of chest pain called angina. It contains Amlodipine as the active ingredient, which belongs to the group of medicines known as calcium channel blockers. Hypertension or high blood pressure develops when blood pushing too hard against your blood vessels. Amlodipine tablets relax your blood vessels, which improve s blood flow and helps lower blood pressure. Drugs that treat hypertension lower your risk of having a heart attack stroke. Your health care specialist may also prescribe Amlopres for chest pain and discomfort that keeps coming back when your heart does not get enough blood. The medication is effective against angina, a type of chest pain that feels like a pressing or squeezing pain. The pain usually occurs in the chest under the breastbone, but sometimes you can feel it in your shoulders, arms, jaw, neck or back. The calcium blocker drugs can help you get rid of this pain. Your health care specialist may prescribe this medicine alone or in combination with other medicines to treat these conditions.

Do not use Amlopres 2.5 mg if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medicine. If you are concerned about allergies, your health care specialist can give you a list of these ingredients. Tell your health care specialist about any prescription or non-prescription drugs you are taking, including vitamins or herbal supplements. Notify your health care specialist if you have ever had heart disease, liver problems, are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. In the case of pregnancy, your health care provider will decide if Amlodipine is the best treatment for you. Women should not breastfeed while taking a calcium channel blocker. One should stop breastfeeding or choose a different medicine to treat hypertension or angina. You can use drugs like nitroglycerin with Amlodipine formulation. If you take nitroglycerin for angina, don’t stop taking this medicine.

Amlopres 2.5 mg may cause mild to moderate side effects such as dizziness, headache, stomach pain, extreme sleepiness, swelling of your legs, flushing, tiredness, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, and swelling of ankles. It is rare, but when you start taking Amlopres or increase your dose, you may witness the worsening of angina. If that happens, call your health care specialist straight away. Let your health care provider know if you are concerned about the side effects you witness. Your health care specialist will advise you further on this.

Take Amlopres once daily before or after consuming food. Do not consume more than one tablet a day unless advised by your health care specialist. If you miss taking the tablet, take it as soon as you remember. Do not take it if it’s been more than 12 hours since you missed your last dose. In this case, skip the dose you missed or forget and take the next dose at your regular time.

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