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Apriscrub (Fresh apricot scrub) 100 gm


Apriscrub (Fresh apricot scrub)

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SKU 1688
Generic For   Apriscrub (Fresh apricot scrub) 100 gm
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Lotus, India
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Apriscrub (Fresh apricot scrub)

Like our hair and nails, our skin also grows. Our skin systematically sheds upper skin cells to expose newly developed cells. Apriscrub Fresh Apricot Scrub has Apricot Kernel Powder and helps in clearing off these dead skin cells to leave a younger, radiant skin behind. With the everyday use of this fresh herbal scrub, besides clearing off your dead skin cells without rupturing the skin, you also get a younger and more radiant skin. Exfoliating your skin thus becomes doubly important to make the new skin come to life and breathe.


Although there are a lot of apricot face scrubs available in the market today, Apriscrub is the perfect scrub as it is made of all the naturally sound ingredients and exfoliates your skin gently with the goodness of apricots. You just need to moisten your face and neck and rub this revolutionary scrub gently and evenly in clock-wise and anti-clock wise directions all over with wet fingers. Rinse well and tenderly pat dry. Applying a quality moisturizer or sun block crème is advised after using the scrub to further nourish and soften your face.


Pros of Apriscrub:

1) It gently exfoliates your skin to make it refined, glowing and fresh.

2) Does not have an overpowering fragrance.

3) Makes your skin ultra soft, smooth and supple.

4) Removes all the dirt and grime efficiently from your skin pores and minimizes blackheads.

5) As it is made of all the herbal ingredients, it’s fit to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

6) It is more quantity in fewer prices and thus falls easy on your pocket.

7) Has a long shelf life as each application requires only a small quantity.

8) Does not lead to any skin complications like break outs or excessive redness.

9) Comes in hassle free packaging with different quantities.

10) Contains fresh apricot extracts that refresh your skin.

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