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Azee 1000mg

98% of 100

US$ 1.66

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SKU 87
Generic For Zithromax
Generic Name Azithromycin
Manufacturer Cipla, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
6 Tablet/s US$ 1.85 US$ 11.11
30 Tablet/s US$ 1.85 US$ 55.57
60 Tablet/s US$ 1.72 US$ 103.347%US$ 111.10
90 Tablet/s US$ 1.66 US$ 149.4710%US$ 166.65
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Azee 1000 mg is used to treat the conditions such as ear infections, respiratory tract infections, skin infections, sexually transmitted bacterial disease, urinary tract infections, Urethritis, Cervicitis, tonsillitis etc. antibiotics are meant for acting on the bacteria. But it does not work on viruses that cause other allergies like cold and flu. Misuse may reduce the effectiveness of your antibiotic drug.

Always take the medicine as per doctor’s prescription. Avoid the intake of antacids (Aluminum and Magnesium) along with it as it may reduce its efficacy. Azithromycin can cause diarrhea, stop taking the medicine and consult your doctor if you experience watery and bloody diarrhea. Never share your medicine with anybody, even if they have the same symptoms. Long term usage may result in unwanted effects such as oral thrush or a new yeast infection.

  • Always store the medicine at the room temperature and away from moisture, heat, and light
  • Are pregnant and if you are not then use all the methods to prevent pregnancy
  • Are breastfeeding as the drug may pass into the breast milk and harm the new born
  • Have diabetes
  • Have had any emergency treatment or surgery
  • Have any other skin infection
  • Have Myasthenia Gravis
  • Have Arrhythmia

Nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, stomach upset, abdominal pain may occur while receiving Azee 1000 mg tablet. If any of these side effects persist for a longer duration or worsens, tell your doctor straight away. Take immediate medical help if serious side effects such as muscle weakness, eye problems, difficulty speaking, severe stomach pain, yellowing of eyes, signs of liver problems, or hearing changes may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects of Azee 1000 mg. Many people using this antibiotic drug do knot have serious side effects.

You should take Azee 1000mg tablets exactly as your doctor has told you. Check with your doctor if you are not sure about the medicine. You may be advised to take it daily with food to reduce issues associated with upset stomach. For best effects, take this antibiotic drug regularly as prescribed by your doctor. Continue to take the drug until the full prescribed amount is finished. Other products such as antacids especially that contains magnesium or calcium may decrease the absorption of azithromycin, thereby reducing its effectiveness.

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