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Bio Apricot 100% Soap Free ( Refreshing Body Wash) 210 ml


Bio Apricot 100% Soap Free (Refreshing Body Wash)


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SKU 1878
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer BIOTIQUE, India
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Bio Apricot 100% Soap Free (Refreshing Body Wash)


Apricot is a fruit that is exclusively rich in vitamins and belong to the rose family which has its origin Central and East Asia. It is usually used to produce a mild Apricot Kernel Oil which is aromatic and gentle in nature, thus it used in many herbal cosmetics including body washes, crèmes, face and body lotions and other cosmetics. Bio Apricot cosmetics penetrate the skin to hydrate and moisturize it in an oil free manner and are renowned for their high vitamin E content which leads to extraordinary skin softening. Due to these impeccable cosmetic properties, apricot kernel oil is also popular as an essential oil for aromatherapy.


Bio Apricot Refreshing Body Wash is hundred percent soap free and has adequate contents of essential fatty acids and vitamin A. With the use of this rejuvenating soap free body wash, you can have a refreshing experience every day and your skin will retain its lost elasticity, clarity, and suppleness. It gently moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes your body without hampering and damaging it with the side effects of other soapy cosmetics available in the market.


Bio Apricot Refreshing Body Wash can also prove to be helpful in curing dry and acne prone skin, cleansing it deeply and exfoliating your pores. You would no more feel the need to get all covered up yourself, even in summers, because of damaged skin. Just use this one simple product and you are sorted and will gain the confidence to walk around without any orthodox skin care worries. Share this little secret to others who might wonder the amount of money and time you have spent in getting such a flawless skin. Long lasting best results have been witnessed by the users of this product and moreover they have fallen in love with their skin again.

Bio Apricot 100% Soap Free ( Refreshing Body Wash) 210 ml
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