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Bio Avocado (Stress Relief Body Massage oil) 200 ml


Bio Avocado (Stress Relief Body Massage Oil)


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SKU 1888
Generic For Bio Avocado (Stress Relief Body Massage oil) 200 ml
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer BIOTIQUE, India
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After a hard day at work, a rejuvenating body massage seems to be the most comforting thing in the world. It makes you forget all your exhaustion and stress, leaving your body relaxed and soothed. But choosing a good stress relief oil to comfort your body, mind and senses is a must for this enchanting experience. Bio Avocado Stress Relief Body Massage Oil is one such massage oil that best suits your need of a healthy stress relief treatment. It is enriched with pure herbal ingredients like avocado, almond, galangal, olive, sesame, safflower dandelion extracts which moisturize and relax your body. The goodness of olive oil felt by your skin makes it healthy, soft and supple. Avocado leaves a beautiful therapeutic fragrance on your skin that lasts long. This relaxing body oil is dermetologically tested to soothe your stressed aching muscles and relieve body fatigue to ease your tension.


Directions for Use:

1) Take an adequate amount of Bio Avocado Body Oil onto your palm.

2) Gently apply it all over your body and especially on the particular stressed areas.

3) Massage in circular motions.


This unique body massage oil is proven to relax muscles and relaxes skin by making it smooth, soft and supple. Natural oils of avocado, almond, olive, sesame & safflower are mixed with galangal and dandelion extracts in a perfect proportion to create a relaxing effect on your tired and tensed body. This oil is made by ancient Ayurvedic therapies along with the latest bio-technological innovations and is dermetologically tested and toxic free. It is hundred percent organically pure and preservative free and does not contain any harmful strong chemicals. Therefore, it is extremely skin friendly for all skin types including sensitive skin. It penetrates right through your skin to relax your body muscles and help repair skin cells to give you a healthier skin.

Bio Avocado (Stress Relief Body Massage oil) 200 ml
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