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Bio Basil & Parsley (Revitalizing Body Soap) 150 gm


Bio Basil & Parsley (Revitalizing Body Soap)


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SKU 1882
Generic For Bio Basil & Parsley (Revitalizing Body Soap) 150 gm
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer BIOTIQUE, India
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Bio Basil & Parsley (Revitalizing Body Soap)


Originated in India, Basil has been one of the most popular and sacred herb known for its healing, culinary and aromatic features. It is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature and thus soothes and uplifts the skin and senses by healing and refreshing both. Parsley contains Vitamin C, manganese, calcium, potassium and a wide variety of nutrients for quick health and cosmetic benefits. It accelerates collagen production, regulates oil production, cleanse pores, and soothe tired eyes. Both these herbs are an intrinsic culinary ingredients but due to their unmatched and extraordinary healing, soothing and other cosmetic properties, these are included in many herbal cosmetics today to give you a refreshing, aromatic and a therapeutic experience.


Bio Basil and Parsley Revitalizing Body Soap is a clear soap enriched with the perfect blend of pure basil, pure parsley, margosa, wheat germ and coconut oil. With the help of these strong herbal ingredients, this basil and parsley body soap gently washes away body impurities without hampering the skin’s natural pH balance. It is ideal and result-oriented for people with all skin types. Even for people with sensitive skin, this is a general recommendation of doctors for extra skin care. It is an herbal cleanser which is manufactured, keeping in mind the traditional Ayurvedic preaching and recipes.


The soap is hypoallergenic and clinically tested with absence of any harmful harsh additives, dyes, chemicals or any hardening agents. It fights against skin hazards like ringworm, itchiness, scabies and dermatitis infection if used every day. Your skin looks and feels cleaner and healthier, without losing the natural pH balance.


Some benefits associated with the use of this valuable soap are:

1) It is absolutely fit for all skin types including sensitive skin and causes no skin allergies.

2) It is duly hypo-allergic and clinically tested.

3) Maintains the natural smoothness and moisture of the skin.

4) Curbs skin related problems if used every day.

5) Leaves skin feeling fresher and healthier.

Bio Basil & Parsley (Revitalizing Body Soap) 150 gm
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