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Bio Dandelion (Ageless Lightening Serum) 40ml


Bio Dandelion (Ageless Lightening Serum)

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SKU 1918
Generic For Bio Dandelion (Ageless Lightening Serum) 40ml
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer BIOTIQUE, India
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Bio Dandelion (Ageless Lightening Serum)

With the passing time, extreme pollution, harmful sunrays & changing weather conditions also play a major role in skin ageing & darkening. Due to these reasons, skin looks aged, dark and patchy even before time and people have to suffer through premature skin ageing & darkening. This calls for a deep need for taking care of your skin and paying special attention so as to protect it from premature ageing & darkening. Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum is one such product with which you can experience a flawless skin by restoring its lost nutrients. This extensive skin therapy serum contains herbal skin perfecting ingredients like pure extracts of dandelion and nutmeg oil. These active ingredients enhance the texture & complexion of your skin to give you a younger looking skin instantly. Dandelion extracts are enriched with Vitamin E & essential minerals that efficiently reduce pigmentation marks to give you a more transparent and bright complexion.


This herbal serum also works wonders in curbing the early signs of ageing, thus providing you with a healthier & younger looking skin. Other significant skin soothing ingredients in this Dandelion Serum include Nutmeg Oil, Pyrus Cydonia, Halon, Jaiphal, Badam, Surajmukhi, Khamir, Doodhal, Ground Nut Oil and Himalyan Water.


Pros of Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Skin Serum:

1)       Contains all naturally safe herbal ingredients & thus causes no skin allergies.

2)       Gives you a flawless skin with continuous usage.

3)       Skin becomes miraculously smooth supple and younger.

4)       Has a sound consistency to get easily absorbed into your skin to start working faster.

5)       Does not leave a sticky or oily feel behind to give you a matte look.

6)       Soothes and cools your tired & exhausted skin to give you a relaxing effect.

7)       Leaves a mild pleasing fragrance behind that lasts long.

8)       Tones up your skin to instantly give you a brighter up and lighter appearance.

9)       Comes in a sturdy hygienic packaging.

10)   Decently priced and is value for money.

Bio Dandelion (Ageless Lightening Serum) 40ml
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