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Careprost (With Brush) - 3 ml. (0.03%)

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Customer Reviews

Review by Jennifer Deutch
Amazing & The Very Best of the Best!!! (Posted on 10/12/16) So happy for such a very, very long time with your companies product!! Than you so much¡!
Review by Beth
It works! (Posted on 10/10/16) Not as effective as Latisse, but it really does make a big difference & my lashes look great. For the money you can't beat it!
Review by Rebecca
Really works (Posted on 9/16/16) My best friend gave me this for my birthday. I applied as indicated every night on my upper lash line. After about two weeks I saw a difference, after about a month. OMG my lashes were so long. Love it.
Review by ursula
Really works (Posted on 7/7/16) This stuff is amazing if you give it time to work. Took about 3 weeks to notice a big difference, but it really made a big difference!
Review by Elena
Отлично удлиняет ресницы! (Posted on 6/18/16) На второй неделе использования заметила что ресницы стали на 50% длиннее. Использовала 1,5 месяца, длиной ресниц очень довольна, можно не пользоваться тушью, темные длинные.. Во флаконе еще остался препарат. Посмотрю сколько времени продержится данный эффект
Review by Britney
This stuff is legit (Posted on 5/7/16) Took about 4-6 weeks to see results but my lashes are thicker and longer than ever. Due to thyroid problems my lashes had thinned and fell out dramatically. This stuff is amazing. So grateful for it.
Review by mohd
a+++++ (Posted on 3/16/16) Thanks
Review by Moxie
yes, it works! (Posted on 1/14/16) So I ordered Careprost (with brush) last November and started using it on Dec 7th (as soon as I received it), six weeks ago now (I've never used anything like this before, but I recently had eyelash extensions done for the first time and I loved the look, but not the cost or maintenance, so I let them all fall out before I went this route). I use it both on my upper lashes (which had been somewhat thinned out by the extensions) and my overplucked brows, Brushing about one drop on both eyes & one drop on each brow, so 3-4 drops a night. (one bottle lasted about 4 weeks). I feel like I started seeing some thickening of my eyelashes by about the 4th week, but it could have been wishful thinking. What's NOT wishful thinking is that I have a few seriously longer-than-others lashes now and there are fine new hairs coming in at the borders of my brows that I know haven't grown in years! The new brow hairs are thin/fine but I'm really hoping they eventually become healthier/fuller. The stray long eyelashes kind of make my eyelashes look straggly but I'm hopeful they too will become more consistent. My eyelids do itch a bit--not when I apply the drops, but at other times, but I'm not sure it's related.
Review by Maria
DEFINITELY RECOMMENDING PRODUCT!!! (Posted on 12/22/15) I am VERY pleased with All Day Chemist. This product is WONDERFUL. 3 1/2 weeks and I'm already seeing GREAT results in the length of my eyelashes. Will order more this same week because I gave one of my bottles to my sister. Thanks a million, All Day Chemist, for making health & beauty products attainable for everyone. Hope the US market learns from you.
Review by Carla
grows eye lashes (Posted on 11/29/15) I have been useing this for years, I love it
Review by Deborah
Primo!!! (Posted on 11/18/15) Great growth!
Review by Samantha
Yes, it works! (Posted on 10/8/15) Love it! Thank you! I saw significant lash growth about a month in. Also, as someone posted earlier, keep those brushes clean!
Review by Betsy
careprost (Posted on 10/8/15) II love the product. I no longer needed mascara.
Review by Christy
Amazing (Posted on 9/29/15) I apply every other day and my lashes are gorgeous. Lots of compliments.
Review by Sandra
works (Posted on 9/3/15) Excellent product and I will reorder
Review by bcbadharley
Love this! (Posted on 8/19/15) I've been using for 3 years and my lashes are amazing!
Review by Lisa Palumbo
It works. (Posted on 7/31/15) It works. It really does. I've never used the alternative version but you can't beat this price or the results. The only thing is that you never know how the growth will occur. My left eye has two or three ridiculously long lashes now - WAY longer than the rest of them but not as full as my right eye's lashes, which are thick and full but all relatively the same length (definitely longer than before I started using it). But all in all, I'm happy.
Review by AMY
better than Laxxxxe (Posted on 7/21/15) great product- safe and works better than Laxxxxe. Plastic surgeons are wishy washy about clearing you to use this generic- for no reason other than fact that it cuts into Alxxxxn profits. They cannot argue with fact that it is EXACT same product just packaged for medical vs. aesthetic. The best prices you can find Laxxxxe is about $95 for 3ml.... do the quick math on this! Just be sure to keep your brushes clean!!!!
Review by Tina
Love it (Posted on 6/26/15) Simply awesome!!!
Review by Sabrina Horak
Awesome stuff!! (Posted on 6/22/15) Works very well. So pleased!
Review by Samuel
Made My eyelashes more noticeable (Posted on 6/18/15) My eyelashes kept shedding off, and it was humiliating when people laughed and said I look ugly. I had tried several medicines, but none seemed to work. My family doctor then suggested that I should buy Careprost online. Fortunately, I got it at a discounted price. The medicine contains Bimatoprost Ophthalmic, an active ingredient that makes the eyelashes more noticeable. I am glad it helped in increasing the growth of my eyelashes and worked towards making them thick, long, and dark.
Review by Williams
quick delivery standards (Posted on 6/18/15) I was researching online for Bimatoprost eyelash growth and chose to buy them from AllDayChemist. I have to mention that this pharmacy has quick delivery standards. They ensured that the medicine reached my doorsteps within a few days. My doctor advised me to apply it to my eyelashes once daily in the evening. Within a span of few months, I could see my eyelashes growing back to normalcy. Taking doses regularly without missing a single one is essential if you want to see visible results.
Review by Charles
achieved the desired results using Careprost (Posted on 6/18/15) After my doctor had advised me to purchase Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution, I browsed the internet to get information on where to buy Careprost. I spotted many positive reviews of the products purchased from AllDayChemist's online pharmacy store. Hence, even I made my purchase with them. If you are wearing makeup and contact lenses, make sure you take them off before applying Careprost carefully to your eyelids. I have achieved the desired results using the medicine and recommend it to those who have inadequate eyelashes.
Review by Miller
grow thick and long eyelashes (Posted on 6/18/15) While checking out the ratings of Careprost on the web, I was astonished to see that it is not only treated as a medicine but even a cosmetic. Millions of men and women use it to grow thick and long eyelashes to enhance their beauty. It is always important to consult your healthcare practitioner to know the right dosage and frequency of doses. There is a significant thing that a person needs to remember if he/she wishes to buy Careprost online or from local pharmacists. Even if a single dose is missed, the doctor must be quickly informed about it.
Review by Blake
growing backlashes without many side-effects (Posted on 6/18/15) Those who are suffering from inadequate eyelashes can rejoice as the medication works spot on! I have seen many women and men who swear by it because of its efficiency in growing backlashes without many side-effects. Those wondering where to buy Careprost from, look no further than AllDayChemist!
Review by Cooper
incredible! (Posted on 6/18/15) Initially, I heard of ways in which hair loss and baldness can be treated but growing back eyelashes? It was something entirely unheard of! Since my condition of losing eyelashes was persistent and terrible, I decided to take professional treatment by using Careprost. It has been one month now that I have been using the solution. It is incredible! Remember that if you stop using the Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution, your eyelashes can grow back to how they used to look before taking the medication. To get the bimatoprost eyelash growth online, you can buy it from AllDayChemist.
Review by Anderson
beauty enhancement tool (Posted on 6/18/15) A treatment for growing back eyelashes is something not many have heard! Just as Miller and Blake said about Careprost being reviewed by sites that sell cosmetic products, I think it should not be surprising because the medication works as a beauty enhancement tool for some. But, we should not forget about the dosage of the medicines as you can never have an overdose or skip a single dose. When you buy Careprost online, do check the instructions at the back of the label.
Review by kirsten
miracle grow for lashes (Posted on 5/24/15) Excellent product, impressive results. Thank you!
Review by Darlene crain
too long in shipping (Posted on 5/21/15) This product doesn't work as well as bought n the us.I'm wondering if it's getting hot in shipping?.
And I'd free shipping still available? Thks, Deewh4
Review by kymberly
it works! (Posted on 5/19/15) After 2 weeks i saw longer lashes. It did make my lash line a dark purple, but i was able to cover it up with makeup.
Review by Rebecca
Superb Product (Posted on 5/14/15) I received my order sooner then i expected. Product is exactly as advertised and came in nice and clean packing. 2nd order with ADC and will keep on ordering. The Careprost works great on lash growth and the prices are also great. Love you ADC.
Review by Tanya
Magic Product (Posted on 5/14/15) Perfect and speedy as usual. I love this product. Best sale price is Cherry on the cake. Life time customer, :)
Review by Christina
Careprost (Posted on 5/4/15) I started using this product referred to me by a friend and it's absolutely amazing! I used to buy Latisse but it was too expensive and I had to stop buying it and then my lashes started falling out again. Thank goodness my girlfriend told me about this website!! Now I have longer, stronger beautiful lashes once again!! Thank you so much for this product!!
Review by Cristina
Kryz (Posted on 4/20/15) I love it
Review by Jess
Amazing (Posted on 3/23/15) I was skeptical to buy this.... but i'm so glad I did. My lashes took awhile to grow but the results are now amazing and my lashes are constantly complimented. I use a bit on my brows too!
Review by dordor
questions (Posted on 3/1/15) Have never seen a review of anything that was 100 percent awesome, so have some doubts here. Will purchase and come back with a for sure real review.
Review by Agnes
why does you eyelashes go back to normal when you stop using this (Posted on 1/31/15) why would the lashes go back to your normal length if you stop using it? and how long does it take until you see them go back to normal if you discontinue use?
Review by Valdish
Love it (Posted on 1/28/15) I started out using the name brand for about six months. I found this at a tenth of the price at Allchemist about a year ago. This will be the second time I order 3 bottles.they will last 6 months. Everywhere I go people ask me what type of mascara i use. Some of my lashes on the outer corners of my eyes I have actuslly trimed because they are touching my eyebrows. I just use 5 dollar mascara now just to darken them up. Love it. Love Allchemist
Review by Melissa
Love it! (Posted on 11/26/14) I've been using this every night for 3 weeks and my lashes have already grown longer! I wasn't expecting to see results so soon. Just placed an order for more. I'll never be without this stuff! I'll update again after 3 excited to see the full results!
Review by horselvr
Highly recommend (Posted on 10/14/14) This stuff is great! I am not one to mess with time consuming beauty routines. I put a drop on each lash line each night, use the supplied fine brush to run it along my lashes. That's it. It takes all of 10 seconds. I've strangers comment on how long my lashes are. There's no way I would pay $150 for a 3ml bottle of the brand name. This has the exact same active ingredient and the exact same strength as Lattixxx at a fraction of the price.
Review by SoCalGal
This stuff works (Posted on 8/12/14) I'm no doctor, but I have been through chemo and lost all of my hair. My eyelashes came back, but pretty short. I started using this stuff and I am not lying when I tell you that when I used this + mascara (any brand) my lashes would hit my glasses. But you gotta keep up at it & it takes 3 - 4 weeks to see results. My eyes didn't change color either. I have green/hazel eyes and they are still the same color. I never want to be without this stuff.
Review by 2cuteinpink
aMAZing!!! (Posted on 7/28/14) Why pay TEN TIMES the cost for the other stuff, when you get just as good, if not BETTER results from Careprost!! After about 4 weeks of faithfully applying at night, my eyelashes just about touch my eyebrows!!! I'm a lifer for SURE!!! Best find EVER!!!!
Review by Okieboomer
Wonderful suprise! (Posted on 7/7/14) This is what I call my "poor man's latiXXe" There is nothing inferior or lacking about it! It did take about 8 weeks to notice a difference, but it is worth the wait. Will never go back to salon applied lashes again...
Review by Absolutely GREAT
Used for 2 years and it's fantastic (Posted on 4/25/14) I have my entire neighborhood using this stuff! It is absolutely the same as LatiXXXe, only better since it's a fraction of the cost.

I've used this for a couple of years and I cannot count how many people comment on my lashes. At 59 years old, that's pretty unusual!

I have light green eyes and have experienced NO change in color. Since I've used it so long I am not as diligent about using it every single day, but if I don't they'd go back to being where I was before I started.

One bottle lasts for AT LEAST 4-6 months.
Review by SuzyQ
Unbelieveable results!!! (Posted on 4/10/14) Fabulous product - my sister asked - are you wearing false eyelashes - I tell her no. Then she asks if I've had them applied at a salon - uh - no they are mine. LOL. I don't think she believed me....
Review by Bobbie
Careporst is GREAT!! (Posted on 4/9/14) This is the best there is and it really works. Never buy that stuff from DermStore, it does not work. Careprost works well and after well over a year of use it has never changed any color in my eyes. Only downsides are build-up along lashline and some tiny, fine hairs growing from inside corner of eyes. (I pluck them and yes, it stings for a second.) But worth it!! :)
Review by Michi
Great product! (Posted on 4/5/14) This product is amazing! I had little bitty lashes and after about 6 weeks I had long lush lashes! If you stop using it though your lashes will go back to the way they were. I wish this was in stock as I'm out.
Review by yogaauntie
seriously WOW (Posted on 2/25/14) First, I was called the same day I placed my order; I missed the call, as I never answer unknown numbers. I received calls throughout the entire process; ordering, shipping, and receiving. What an amazing company and the best pricing - -my doctors are great, but cannot offer this price. This product is incredible~ thank you! cdn
Review by Lilly76
Beautiful (Posted on 2/20/14) I was skeptical but got it free during a promo. I received 2 bottles in 2011. I still have 1 bottle left. It works great! My lashes got so thick I rarely used mascara & when I did I was asked if they were extensions or falsies. The price is so affordable, no bad side affects & excellent results. I wish I could post pic of before & after, the thickness is 75% more. I do notice the length has increased at a nice amount, not ridiculously long though. Highly recommend! 5 stars.
Review by JudyP
Excellent (Posted on 1/22/14) I have been using CareProst for about 2 months and love the look of my lashes. My niece asked if I was wearing false eyelashes! I was so thrilled, it makes a huge difference in the look of your eyes.
Review by JudyP
Excellent (Posted on 1/22/14) I have been using CareProst for about 2 months and love the look of my lashes. My niece asked if I was wearing false eyelashes! I was so thrilled, it makes a huge difference in the look of your eyes.
Review by Alexis
great (Posted on 1/6/14) just started a month ago,hoping for good results. will update soon!
Review by Vasi
Awesome (Posted on 12/24/13) One bottle lasts me more than a month. Great result, my lashes got super long, but u gatta use it for a while to see result. Great product, I'm hooked for life.
Review by Andrea
SPOKESPERSON (Posted on 12/19/13) I feel that I should be a spokes person for this brand, I have had more and more people daily ask me if I wear false lashes, or what I use on them to make them grow. I have redirected everyone who has asked to this page and this product. I went from spares eyelashes due to a mascara I used to full thick and fake looking lashes. I got extensions put on before my wedding to hide the fact that I had chunks of eyelashes missing. The day before my honey moon I ended up pulling all of the extensions out (they bothered my eyes too much) resulting in ripping out my natural eyelashes as well. I was very self cautious of not having eyelashes. Thank God I married a good hearted man lol. I did tons of research on how to get my lashes to grow back and came across Careprost. It is the most amazing leap of faith I have ever taken when it comes to a beauty product nor have I ever been so pleased by a beuty products result. I will continue to share the beauty secret to any one who asks becasue we all deserve beauty at an afforadable price!
Review by Donna
omg (Posted on 12/17/13) I spent TEN TIMES this much for the name brand stuff. Hubby is a pharmacist and said this is exactly the same.I have been asked over and over if I have extensions..wish they had a product to give me a thick head of hair!!
Review by samnsara
buy this! (Posted on 12/17/13) after paying almost 10 times as much for a bottle of L***** I would never buy this anywhere but here!! Even my dentist stops and stares at my eyelashes.. she cant get over how long they are. I still need help from a good mascara but at least now I have something to put mascara on!!! Im a lifetime member for sure.
Review by Shirlgirl
Wonderful (Posted on 12/10/13) This product really works. My lashes are fabulous.

Buy. You will not be sorry but give it time.
Review by Sparkle
amazing (Posted on 11/29/13) It works. Plain and simple and so affordable. 3 bottles lasts me about 4 to 6 months and my eyelashes are very long and more of them. Everyone notices and asks what I use. I started with scattered nubs for eyelashes and have long, full lashes on both upper and lower lids. No extensions anymore!
Adding mascara makes it look like I am wearing them though.
Review by long lash
excellent (Posted on 8/7/13) Question authority... That has always been my motto. Thus, I was THRILLED when I questioned the cost of branded product. I used it for a couple of months and could really not afford it.

BOOM- along comes Careprost... Same results and 1/10th the price... BUY THIS PRODUCY... It is EXACTLY the same as branded product results wise and ZERO sde effects.

IT's a no brainer folks.
Review by Lyk2meet
Love it (Posted on 7/6/13) I get asked all the time if I'm airing false eyelashes! It's nice to be able to say, no, they're all mine!!!
Review by 2yorkiemama
AMAZING (Posted on 7/3/13) I have used the LatiXXe. This is just as effective. Of course, SAME ingredient! If you are hesitating. . .STOP. . .buy it! It's incredible! My lashes are full and long! Saving LOTS of money on mascara! :)