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Ceebis - 20mg

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  • Ceebis - 20mg

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Customer Reviews

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Review by James
Works as expected (Posted on 10/3/16) Couple things of note - One pill's effects last a few days, it increases desire along with arousal.

- This is my first time ever taking any ed med so I can't compare Ceebis to others but I am interested in trying others on ADC and will do so.

- It doesn't give you full on erections for no reason but allows you to get one when you want. it can leave you very sensitive for a few days making erections come for easily and often so I would be careful if your going to be out in public or playing sports etc and don't want to be jogging around with a half hog in your shorts. I was walking my dogs the next day and just the relaxation, blood flow and my dong swaying in my shorts gave me a half chub so just an fyi guys be aware of those possibilities and make sure no neighbors are outside as you walk by with a fat one cause no that isn't a banana in our pocket.

Shipping was fast, secure and so far so good with my first order, I payed by echeck.
Review by Robert
Top shelf product, effective and affordable! (Posted on 9/17/16) ADC really delivers a winner with this Cialis generic, 100% effective same as the original and the price can't be beat no disappointments here.
Review by daniel
Work great (Posted on 9/8/16) These work great... don't listen to the people saying they dont work.... buy and enjoy.
Review by Donald
My life is fine once again / Thank You AllDayChemist (Posted on 4/24/16) identical Tadalifil, identical rock hard and long lasting erections are mine again for one dollar per pill instead of fifty dollars per pill, Thank You AllDayChemist, you have restored my happy life with my wife!
Review by Evin
Im gonna have to buy the american stuff (Posted on 4/17/16) Didnt work at all... I took one and a half in less than 24 hours and no results.
Review by HappyGuy
Great (Posted on 4/16/16) After getting brand Cxxxxs and being ripped off by the outrageous cost of 10 pills a month I decided to search online and try a generic. I was nervous because there are so many sites claiming to sell pills but you can never be sure what you're getting. I took the plunge and ordered 10 pills to try out and I'm so happy I did, they work great! I just placed an order for 40 pills and I get 40 pills free which means I'm getting 80 pills for about $80. How can you beat that? Now I don't need to worry about my relationships anymore and the stress I was under because of this issue.
Review by BoB
You get what you pay for this barely works and has more sides (Posted on 4/8/16) This has more sides than the name brand stuff. I can tell you that with certainty. Some pills hardly worked, others worked at about 5-10% strength of what 20mg of real "See Axxxe" will do for you. Also has MORE sides than the real deal. I turned red as a tomato. I have taken every type of supplement otc, prescription, etc for this area and only slight blushing from 100mg of V. Not sure why anyone would reorder this unless they had never tried the real deal - I hear fxxxst is better - I will order some and review it.
Review by Freddie
Not effective (Posted on 4/6/16) Not effective. Might be a bad batch. I take 10mg from another brand I bought 2 years ago (Vixxxxta) and that works great but this 20mg barely gets results.
Review by Steve
Very good products, excellent service! (Posted on 3/24/16) Hello. This review will appear (I'll copy it) on 3 products: Suhagra, Tadacip and Ceebis

I presume like most people, I was "afraid" to order online. I did my research, both on products AND online pharmacy, and ended up giving ADC a shot. Ordered Suhagra and Tadacip (that i researched a lot) and tried, kind of "blindly", Ceebis.
Service has been EXCELLENT. Definitely FIVE STARS
Products: in general, brand Cialis and Viagra do have a stronger effect. That being said, if we order online it's because of the price, OR we don't want to make it too "official" we take EDs...
And all these products work well!
Suhagra is a very good. I'm not a Sildenafil expert (prefer Tadalafil, that has a longer effect, even if less intense).
Tadacip works very well. Cialis is stronger. 1/4 of a 20mg pill is more than enough, while Tadacip I personally need 1/2 pill (20mg). Still, very good product.
Ceebis: tried only once (1/2 pill) and worked!
An advice?
Sildenafil (Viagra, Suhagra & co) and Tadalafil (Cialis, Tadacip, Ceebis & co) work very differently.
Try them! also the diff brands... even though you should go for the known and well established ones (for quality assurance, at least), and Cipla (Suhagra and Tadacip) is definitely one of them.
Review by Dale
Great For Performance! (Posted on 3/20/16) Just does what it's supposed to do. I have been ordering from Allday for over 5 years and they have great service, products, prices and customer service. Delivery is generally 10-15 days, and their products seem to be the equivalent of the name brands.

Items 1 to 10 of 41 total

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