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Clindac A - 15gm

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Review by Autumn
(Posted on 5/10/2016)
"Clearer Skin!"
I had lost my insurance and have been dealing with severe acne, cystic acne, and blackheads. I started using this along with birth control, A Ret Gel, and antibiotics (similar to the regiment I was on when I could see a Dermatologist). It's been over two months and I've seen great improvements! I rarely get whiteheads now, my cystic acne only appears during my period and is not nearly as severe, and my blackheads are clearing up slowly. It's a long process but I can definitely see results! My parents and coworkers have even commented on how my skin is looking a lot better. I hope this trend continues and it continues to improve!

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Review by Kari
(Posted on 10/30/2014)
I am so pleased with my order of clindamycin, I lost my insurance a few years ago and I couldn't Afford to get my Rx with no coverage. In turn my face broke out over and over with cystic acne. Finally I found All Day Chemist and spent less on 6 tubes of it with shipping, than I would have spent even with insurance! I'm so happy with the results. I waited until 3 months of using it to write a review, just to be sure it is working correctly. I will continue to order from this website. My credit card was charged correctly, product arrived in 2 weeks. I am so grateful for being able to get my acne meds and have clear skin again!
Just a note: I use this clear gel in the morning after washing my face with dove sensitive bar, its invisible and dries into the skin, actjally makes a great base for makeup. I use argan oil over the clindac gel if i have dryness. I also buy A-Ret gel 0.1% and use that every third night. But, I used to use just the Clindac gel twice a day and that also worked wonders and cleared my skin. i prefer using the combo i do now, as im turning 32 and want to prevent wrinkles and try to get these scars from when i couldnt get my face meds, and retin a helps for those issues.

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