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Durex KY

Durex KY

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SKU 2092
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Durex, Thailand
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Durex KY is a personal lubricant used for easy penetration and eliminates friction during intercourse. Durex KY is a colorless, moist, non-greasy, and odorless gel that can reduce friction annoyance evolve during continuous sex.  Unlike other personal lubricants, Durex KY is water-based and it can be cleaned easily with water after sex. It is like your body’s own natural lubricant.

How to use Durex KY:

If you’re interested in using a lubricant for an amazing intimacy, but not sure how to use it for maximum pleasure then follow some tips to experience an elevated excitement.

Try It solo first – To figure out how an ideal lubricant works, use it by yourself during masturbation. The quantity to use lubricant depends on person to person as the size of penis varies in men. So you can understand how smoothly you can penetrate into the vagina.  

Use it during foreplay – It is a perfect time to show your partner a lubricant and apply on private parts of each other. This act will increases your interest for intimacy and help you endure orgasm.

Use it during the act – You can use Durex KY when you are ready to intimate or have created an environment for sex. It will enhance your thrilling sensation and pleasure time. You can use it again for enjoying longer sessions.

Use it when you're incorporating props – Women can apply this lubricant on sex toys and then penetrate them for more pleasure and comfort. It can smoothen the external layer and make it slippery and easy penetration.

Side effects of Durex KY:

Durex KY does not cause any kind of vaginal irritation. It is the best substitute of soaps, yeast infection medications because of the use of feminine hygiene products. Both men and women can use it and they don’t need any medical prescriptions, rather every instruction is given on the leaflet regarding how and when to use Durex KY. One can purchase Durex KY online or over the counter.

Durex KY
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