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Questions About Our Company

Q.1 About the Company?

Q.2 How do I know that you guys are a legitimate company?

Q.3 How long have you been in business?

Q.4 Do I require a prescription to order from your company?

Q.5 How much money will I save when I order from your company?

Q.6 Is my purchase through your company kept confidential?

Q.7 Who do I contact about potential business opportunities with your company?

Q.8 I am an affiliate or someone who wishes to affiliate with your company, how can I get more information on potential opportunities available to me?


How ADC service works

Step 1 – Navigating the website

Step 2 – The Signup Page

Step 3 – Dispensing Process

Step 4 – In the Mail

Step 5 – Successfully Delivered


Order Related Questions

Q.1 How long does it take to ship the drugs to my home or office?

Q.2 Can I buy more than a three month supply at a time?

Q.3 Can I request specific expiration dates for the medications I order?

Q.4 Why your prices so low?

Q.5 Are the products mailed to me the same as what I get at my local pharmacy?

Q.6 If I don't see my prescription medication on your price list, does that mean your company doesn't carry it?

Q.7 How do I place an order for multiple people living at the same household?

Q.8 What is your return policy?

Q.9 What happens if I want to cancel my order?

Q.10 I wish my package to be sent discretely, can you arrange this?

Q.11 What do I do if one of my products in my order is back-ordered?

Q.12 I want to change my order after placing it, how can I do this?

Q.13 I want a copy of my receipt for a particular order, how can I get this mailed to me?

Q.14 Will my insurance company reimburse me for the online medication I order through your company?


Order Status Related Questions

Q.1 Why is my order on "Awaiting payment process" or "Preparation in progress" or "Payment error"?

Q.2 Why is my order on "Dispensing"?

Q.3 Why is my order on "Hold order"?

Q.4 Why is my order showing as "Cancelled" or "Declined"?

Q.5 Why is my order on "Awaiting check payment" or "Awaiting bank wire payment"?


Payment Related Questions

Q.1 What is the CVV number you ask for on your sign up page? Where can I find it?

Q.2 What payment methods will your company accept?

Q.3 If I send in a check or money order how long will it take for you to receive it and process my order?

  • Sending in a check or money order for your online medication is the slowest way to send us payment and as a result it will affect the speed of your order. We will be unable to process the order until payment has been received and depending on the country you are sending the payment from and whether you are a new or existing customer, there may be even further delays while we wait for the payment to clear. We recommend that if you are sending payment for your medication by mail, you should always use a registered service preferably with a tracking number so we can trace it in case of delays.

Q.4 My credit card was refused, why?

Q.5 I don't recognize the charge on my card, is it from your company?

Q.6 The amount charged on my card doesn't match my order amount, why is this?

Q.7 I was double charged, who do I contact about this?

Q.8 My refund hasn't showed up on my credit card yet, how long should it take?


Account Related Questions

Q.1 How can I update my shipping address or contact information?

Q.2 How can I change my password?

Q.3 Examples of weak passwords

Q.4 How can I order a refill of a previous order?

Q.5 I am not receiving emails you sent me, what is the problem?

Q.6 I wish to cancel my account, is this possible?


Shipping Related Questions

Q.1 My online medication order has not shipped yet, what is the delay?

Q.2 My online medication order was shipped but the tracking numbers are not yet showing up in the courier service, what is the problem?

Q.3 My order was refused by customs, what do I do now?

Q.4 If my online medication order is returned to the pharmacy, can it be reshipped?

Q.5 I am out of medications and need priority processing, can I get this?

Q.6 My online medication order is later than the listed shipping times, why is this?

Q.7 I want to cancel my order after it has been shipped, is this possible?

Q.8 What is Discreet Packaging and how does it work?


Delivery Related Questions

Q.1 How can I tell that the online medications I ordered are legitimate?

Q.2 I received only part of my order, where is the rest of it?

Q.3 The medication that I ordered online looks different than what I am used to, why is this?

Q.4 I was unable to pickup my parcel and it was returned to the pharmacy, what do I do now?

Q.5 Can I return my medication after it has been delivered?

Q.6 I received the wrong dosage of medication, what do I do?

Q.7 The medications in my order were damaged during transit, what do I do?


Other Questions

Q.1 I am having trouble ordering. Do you have detailed ordering instructions?

Q.2 I am not comfortable in using credit card online? Can I fax my credit card information?

Q.3 Do I need a prescription to purchase drugs online?

Q.4 Why should I purchase from you versus another online pharmacy?

Q.5 The drugs that you sell, are they from reputable drug firms?

Q.6 How long does it take to ship the drugs to my home or office?

Q.7 How do I return something to AllDayChemist.com?

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