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Himalaya Brahmi mind wellness Tablets

Himalaya Brahmi mind wellness

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SKU 2099
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Manufacturer Himalaya, India
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Himalaya Brahmi Mind Wellness is a widely acclaimed Ayurvedic product that can cool off your mind and refresh your mood. It's specifically made to improve the health of your brain and enhance mental functioning. A product of Himalaya Herbal, Brahmi Mind Wellness is clinically tested successfully and made using the most sophisticated techniques to ensure the consistent quality. This herbal product is available in the form of capsules and you can take it under the consultation of your physician.

Use of Himalaya Brahmi Mind Wellness:

This product can improve certain brain cells that are involved in thinking, learning, and memory, thus enhancing your cognitive abilities. You can use it to calm your mind and strengthen memory consolidation.

Benefits of Brahmi Mind Wellness:

Brahmi is a powerful and effective herb to enhance the mind’s wellness. The particular benefits of this product can be described as:

It promotes the brain heath:

One of the active ingredients of Brahmi known as bacosides is proved to enhance the health of the brain. It has therapeutic values that can positively influence brain cells to function well. Those who are suffering from Alzheimer can use Brahmi to promote the brain heath.

Beneficial for the liver health:

The health-promoting compounds of the Brahmi encourage liver's functioning following the toxin damage. This herb can detoxify organ and clean the daily onslaught of toxins. Studies suggest that the natural compounds of Brahmi Mind Wellness provide a safeguard to our liver and help it combat toxin attack in the long term.

Helpful in pain management

Brahmi works like an oxycodone and morphine and it is very much helpful in pain management. People having chronic pain due to any addiction or depression can use this product to get a good relief. Bacosides are known to offer protective benefits from opiate toxicity as well as enhancing the benefits of morphine.

Protection hypoglycemia in infants:

Bacosides are very effective in protecting infants from the problem of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia which can lead to severe brain damage in the newborns. Brahmi extract has neuron-protecting effects that help infants to combat hypoglycemia.

Fight against systemic redness and swelling:

Brahmi is helpful in fighting redness and swelling in the body occurred due to the autoimmune response. Himalaya Brahmi Mind Wellness is widely used for treating chronic discomfort, skin irritation, and swelling.

Other benefits of Himalaya Brahmi Mind Wellness:

  • Encourages normal blood pressure
  • Has strong antioxidant activity
  • Reduces anxiety and restlessness
  • Prevents age-associated memory problems 
Himalaya Brahmi mind wellness Tablets
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