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Himalaya Gokshura

Himalaya Gokshura

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Manufacturer Himalaya, India
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Himalaya Gokshura is one of the most effective herbs being used in the Ayurvedic medicine that can treat various health problems in men and women. This herb has a long history of its therapeutic values for more than 3000 years. Gokshura belongs to Zygophyllaceae family. It is primarily used to enhance sex drive and boost the sexual performance of men and women. Moreover, Gokshura can promote muscle strength and boost up energy metabolism especially in the young people. Those who take this herbal medicine regularly find it easy to build muscles by doing the physical workout.

Himalaya Gokshura to boost sex drive:

Himalaya Gokshura capsules are widely used to boost sex drive in men and women. This herbal product is proved to treat the urinary and reproductive system as well as a urogenital problem. It can enhance testosterone and strengthen penile tissue thereby improving the problem of penile erection. Those men having the problem of erectile dysfunction can find an effective treatment in Himalaya Gokshura. It promotes men and women’s sexual health by increasing egg production in women and sperm count in men. This non-hormonal bio-stimulator can significantly boost endogenous testosterone, improving libido and endurance.

What does Gokshura contain?

Himalaya Gokshura has dried, ripe, entire fruit of Tribulus terrestris. The main ingredients of Gokshura are Terrestrosins A, B, C, D and E, N- trans- coumaroyl tyramine, degalactotigonin, hecogenin and neotigogenin; tribulusamides A and B, Ntrans- feruloyl tyramine, terrestriamide, F-gitonin, desglucolanatigonin, gitonin. Its hydrolysed elements include diosgenin, ß-sitosterol and steroidal and saponins.

Benefits of Himalaya Gokshura:

  • Gokshura is made of pure herb and 100% natural substances
  • It acts as an aphrodisiac and functions to improve sex drive
  • This anabolic product can promote body muscles and improve blood circulation
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Gokshura tablets are taken to optimize the levels of testosterone in men
  • This herb improves male reproductive system
  • Gokshura works as a natural diuretic product
  • You can use this herb to increase intracavernous pressure (ICP) measurements
  • It works as an effective restorative and nervine tonic

Adults can also take Himalaya Gokshura to:

  • Deal with high blood pressure and maintain cholesterol levels
  • Regulate urinary system and maintain healthy prostate
  • Treat the problems related to andropause and menopause
  • Reduce stress, nervousness, and agitation
  • Promote body relaxation

How to take Himalaya Gokshura:

Generally, 1-2 tablets of Gokshura every day is recommended. It works on the body as a whole. Take an advice of your doctor for the appropriate dosage of this herbal medicine. There are some precautions especially for the pregnant and breastfeeding women to be considered before taking the Himalaya Gokshura tablets.

Himalaya Gokshura
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