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Honey Hand & Body Lotion ( Body Moisturiser) 220 ml


Honey Hand & Body Lotion

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SKU 1787
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Manufacturer Aroma Magic, India
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Honey Hand & Body Lotion

One of the most common skin hazards now-a-days is dryness and dehydration which makes skin dull, lifeless, and sore. Major reasons for this are pollution, sun and incomplete nutrition. Dermatologists recommend Herbal Honey Hand and Body Lotion to cure skin condition as honey has tremendous skin healing properties. And being completely natural and herbal, it is suitable for all skin types equally.


Honey is flower based nectar and is considered to be one of the best presents nature has endowed to us due to its numerous medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Besides rich sugar content, honey has adequate quantities of minerals and trace elements like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Little water and some amount of vitamins C and B are other useful constituents of honey. It is used as an active ingredient in intensive hand and body moisturizing products made by all the big cosmetic companies today as it helps in treating many acute skin conditions. Due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial nature, it serves as a strong skin healing agent.


Some of the significant reasons for you to start using Herbal Honey Hand & Body Lotion are:

1) It effectively moisturizes and rehydrates your hands and body parts.

2) It heals and repairs your skin tissues as it is antiseptic in nature.

3) It has the ability to generate new skin cells in some critical skin conditions like Eczema.

4) Its antifungal properties help cure skin infections.

5) Antioxidants in honey can help wonders in curbing skin ageing.

6) Honey can penetrate blocked follicles and prevent acne.

7) It conditions skin of the body.

8) It tones the skin and makes it more firm.

9) If applied to lips, it makes them more smooth and glossy.

10) It also nurtures and exfoliates even the most sensitive skin.

Honey Hand & Body Lotion ( Body Moisturiser) 220 ml
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