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Imatib 100mg

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Generic For Imatinib
Generic Name Imatinib
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Imatib 100 mg is mainly used in the treatment of various types of cancer. It contains the active ingredient Imatinib, which is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor; the drug destroys cancer cells by turning off tyrosine kinase. The medicine is used to treat various types of cancer such as chronic myeloid leukaemia, acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative diseases and gastrointestinal stromal tumours. It is a chemotherapy medicine that works by stopping or slowing the growth of some types of gastrointestinal stromal tumours and myeloid leukaemia. It helps the body to prevent making abnormal cells which leads to the growth of the tumours.

How to use? (infographics and instructions)

The dose of the medicine is based on your medical condition, weight, age, response to treatment and also if you are taking any other medications. You must reveal about all the medicines that you are taking currently to your doctor. Initially, the dose may be less, and subsequently, it may be increased depending on the condition.

The medicine is to be taken by mouth with a glass full of water and with a meal. The medication should not be crushed. If you find it difficult to swallow, you can dissolve it in a glass of water or apple juice and drink it immediately. The medicine is usually taken once or twice a day as per the instruction of the doctor.

You must finish the dose as prescribed by the doctor. Even if you feel better, you must continue with the entire dose to get the maximum benefit.

Precautions (Things to remember, allergy, and warnings)

If drug interaction happens, it may change how your medications work and chances of side effects also increase. Keep a list of all the medicines that you are currently taking and share it with your doctor. Also, it is wise to ask for a list of medication that may interact with the drug so that drug interaction does not happen. Before taking Imatib 100 mg tablets, tell your doctor if you are allergic to its ingredients. Before taking the drug, tell your doctor your medical history, especially of heart problems, liver diseases, kidney diseases, removal of the thyroid gland, heart problems and heart problems.

Imatinib may make you more likely to get infections or may worsen the current infections. Avoid contact with individuals who have infections that may spread to other areas. Consult your doctor if you accidentally have been exposed to a virus.

Side effects of Imatib 100 mg

Water retention and swelling are the most common side effects associated with the use of Imatib 100 mg tablets. Thus, you should inform your doctor if you have an unexpected rapid weight gain. This drug may make you dizzy or cause blurry vision, so avoid driving or anything that requires all your attention. Imatinib may make your skin sensitive to the sun, so it is advisable to use sunscreen and protective clothing whenever to step out in the sun. Individuals using Imatib tablets may also experience diarrhoea, so drink plenty of fluids during the treatment. Inform your doctor diarrhoea doesn’t go away and you find blood in stools.

Imatib 100mg


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