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Lacto Tan Clear (Fairness Soap 75 gm


Lacto Tan Clear (Fairness Soap)

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SKU 1769
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Nature Essence, India
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Lacto Tan Clear (Fairness Soap)

The harmful effects of sun on your skin are unavoidable and harsh. It not just leads to skin darkening, but also has multiple side effects like sun burns, premature skin ageing and skin’s lifelessness. Now remove sun tan on the go with Lacto Tan Clear that is a revolutionary sun tan removal formula enriched with the goodness of milk and honey. Another key ingredient is Geranium Oil that further enhances your skin’s health and complexion to give you an overall stunning appearance.


This revolutionary fairness soap helps in removing the epidermal sun tan and preventing skin pigmentation to restore your skin’s natural fairness. It gives your skin a dose of nourishing moisturization, without leaving an oily feel behind so that you can enjoy a glowing matte look all day long. Make the right choice with going with this tan clear soap and get stunned by its extraordinary de-tan effect. Your skin will feel oil free throughout the day, while it deeply hydrates your skin. Besides these benefits, this herbal product serves as an effective body cleanser as it gently removes all the oil and dirt that you come across every day.


Pros of this herbal soap:


1)       Efficiently protects your tender skin from sunburns, pigmentation and blemishes.

2)       Restores your skin’s natural fairness to give you a stunning spotless complexion.

3)       Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.

4)       Does not cause any post usage side effects.

5)       Evens out the skin tone to give you a clearer and healthier look.

6)       Cleans your skin, meanwhile soothing & calming it.

7)       Comes in a travel friendly packaging.

8)       Contains all pure herbal skin benefitting ingredients.

9)       Generously priced and has a long shelf life.

10)   Does not contain any harsh chemicals or preservatives.

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