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Mint Cleanser (Antiseptic Soothing Gel) 40 gm

Mint Cleanser (Antiseptic Soothing Gel)

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SKU 1753
Generic For Mint Cleanser (Antiseptic Soothing Gel) 40 gm
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Nature Essence, India
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Mint Cleanser (Antiseptic Soothing Gel)

Mint is an incredible plant herb that is used in numerous ways according to people’s interest. Some people enjoy a minty tea, whereas some enjoy its flavour in chewing gums. Moreover, it is an active ingredient in many effective herbal cosmetic products like moisturizers, cleansers, shampoos, lip balms, soaps, and much more. Mint was also used as a cleansing agent and to purify water in medieval times. Later when people discovered mint’s therapeutic properties, they began treating fever by using this extraordinary herb in medicines. But in present times, mint has been exposed as a magnificent and popular active ingredient in herbal cosmetic products.


Made with these infinite soothing properties of mint, we introduce to you this antiseptic soothing gel, called Mint Cleanser, which is fit to be used by people with any skin type, including sensitive skin type. This mint cleanser gel offers thorough skin cleansing by efficiently removing the everyday pollutants and dust your skin comes across, without hampering your skin’s natural moisture content. Other ingredients include therapeutic Aroma Oils, Aloe Vera, Neem and Lavender Oil which further soothe and relax your stressed nerves.


Pros of this herbal antiseptic cleanser:

1)       Has a three-in-one cleansing, soothing and moisturizing action.

2)       Does not cause any post usage side effects.

3)       It is a mild formulation to be used every day.

4)       Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.

5)       Removes excess oil from your skin, without ripping your skin of its natural moisture.

6)       Contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives.

7)       Leaves a refreshing fragrance behind to rejuvenate your mood.

8)       Falls light on your pocket.

9)       Comes in an easy to use useful packaging.

10)    Has a long shelf life as each application requires only a small amount.

Mint Cleanser (Antiseptic Soothing Gel) 40 gm


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