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Mint Cleanser (Deep Cleansing) 50 gm


Mint Cleanser (Deep Cleansing)

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SKU 1792
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Aroma Magic, India
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Mint Cleanser (Deep Cleansing)

Mint is an incredible plant herb that is used in numerous ways according to people’s interest. Some people enjoy a minty tea, whereas some enjoy its flavor in chewing gums. Moreover, it is an active ingredient in many effective herbal cosmetic products like moisturizers, cleansers, shampoos, lip balms, soaps, and much more. In ancient times, Egyptians used mint for its impeccable aroma for scenting their homes and temples. Mint was used as a cleansing agent and to purify water in medieval times. Later when people discovered mint’s therapeutic properties, they began treating fever by using this extraordinary herb in medicines. But in present times, mint has been exposed as a magnificent and popular active ingredient in herbal cosmetic products, labeled as “menthe”, generally associated with Aloe Vera, lavender, jojoba or chamomile.


A whiff of mint refreshes out taste buds and mood. You can now have an idea about the soothing power of this herb on your skin and body and the wonderful effect that it has on your senses, mood and mind. Herbal Mint Cleansers cleanse your skin deeply and intensely and get it rid of everyday’s dirt, pollution, suntan and stress. The effect of mint energizes your skin and soothes it of all the possible infections and irritations caused by your every day hectic schedule. Mint is active anti-puritic agent and can effectively soothe and nourish your skin by making it itch free and strengthening skin tissues.


Another important advantage of mint herbal cosmetics is that its best suited for all skin types including sensitive skin, mint is a hundred percent natural ingredient. It helps extracting extra oils from your skin and thus, treats acne which is a major skin problem for youth today, especially people with oily skin. Mint is also a natural astringent which helps skin in shedding the dead skin cells, resulting in clearer and glowing skin.

Mint Cleanser (Deep Cleansing) 50 gm
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