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Nature's Papaya Pack Treatment Pack For Blemishes & Pigmentation 60 gm


Papaya Pack (De-pigmentation Pack)

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SKU 1727
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Nature Essence, India
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Papaya Pack (De-pigmentation Pack)

Any skin imperfection puts your personality down and makes you feel under confident. Blemishes are a type of skin imperfection that takes away your skin’s even toned natural glow and makes one’s skin look patchy. Papaya De-pigmentation Pack is one answer for getting that celebrity like pigmentation free glowing look you always wanted. It contains naturally sound skin perfecting papaya extracts and essential enzymes that work wonders in preventing skin darkening, thereby lightening your skin complexion. With papaya extracts as the key ingredient, this herbal pack is enriched with extraordinary papaya benefits for your skin. Papaya is highly rich in antioxidants and removes skin patches, dead skin cells and skin impurities effectively.


It noticeably delays the skin’s ageing process by restoring its natural moisture, glow and suppleness. Besides all these skin perfecting benefits, this revolutionary face pack also prevents dark spots and other such skin imperfections. So boost your complexion on the go and impart a healthy radiant glow to your face.


Benefits of using this Herbal Papaya Pack:

1)       Nourishes your skin with the goodness of pure extracts.

2)       Cleans your skin naturally to promote healthy radiant skin.

3)       Rejuvenates the skin by replenishing its lost moisture.

4)       Improves the skin’s colour, texture and firmness to make it softer & suppler.

5)       Makes skin visibly fairer and more glowing & youthful.

6)       Decently priced for the quantity provided.

7)       Does not break you out and is fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.

8)       Leaves behind a mild flowery fragrance to refresh your mood.

9)       Has a long shelf life and comes in an easy to use packaging.

Nature's Papaya Pack Treatment Pack For Blemishes & Pigmentation 60 gm
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