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Safe disposal of Prescription drugs

Guidelines for safe disposal of prescription drugs

Prescription drugs can lead a host of problems including prescription drugs abuse. Sometimes taking prescription drugs without checking the expiry dates could even cause harmful effects on the body.

The US federal government has laid down a few essential guidelines for safe disposal of prescription drugs which are as follows:-

- Old and unwanted prescription drugs whose expiry dates are over need to be taken off from the old and existing containers before throwing them off into the garbage bins to prevent any misuse. It is always better to dispose off the old prescription drugs in plastic bags or bottles to prevent any accidental misuse by individuals.

- The best way to dispose off unwanted prescription drugs is to hand it over the local pharmacies who are authorized to accept them.

- Never flush unwanted prescription drugs after use into toilets unless specified on the pamphlet of the prescription drugs. This can lead to unnecessary clogging and spoil the drainage of water supply systems.

Thus safe disposal of prescription drugs not only help us prevent accidental misuse of prescription drugs but also in ensuring a safe and secure environment around us.

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