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Orange (Lip Balm) 5 gm


Orange (Lip Balm)

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SKU 1711
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Lotus, India
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Orange (Lip Balm)

Orange is one of the most renowned citrus fruits that besides having a unique taste and aroma, has several skin healing & nourishing properties. Therefore, it has been well used in many skin lightening & rejuvenating cosmetic products, including lip balms. This orange lip balm is as refreshing, hydrating, colourful and aromatic as the orange fruit itself. It is a non-tinted and thick textured lip balm that takes care of the hydration & moisturization needs of the tender skin of your lips, without making it over glossy or sticky. This herbal orange lip balm practically works wonders in curing dry and chapped lips to make them super soft, if applied regularly. Active ingredients in this impeccable and long lasting lip balm include pure extracts of Orange & Honey perfectly blended with the nourishing oils of Jojoba, Almond and Wheatgerm.


Thus we can conclude that this Orange Fruit Lip Balm is based on a highly active moisturizing formula that intensely helps in repairing dry, cracked and chapped lips and reversing the drying action of cold & dry winds of winter.


Pros of Herbal Orange Lip Balm:

1)       Gives your lips long lasting moisturization and nourishment.

2)       Contains all naturally sound pure herbal ingredients.

3)       It has the impeccable aromatic, refreshing & hydrating properties of the orange fruit.

4)       Effectively heals dry and chapped lips to make them satiny smooth.

5)       Protects lips from the harmful effects of environment and weather changes.

6)       Has a thick but easily spreadable consistency that makes it easy to use.

7)       Acts as a workably good base for matte lipsticks.

8)       Decently priced and is value for money.

9)       Does not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives.

10)   Minimizes the need of reapplication.

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