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SKU 2106
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Manufacturer Merz, Egypt
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Hair has always been an indication of beauty for women. A long and healthy hair gives a woman a self-confidence, good personality, beautiful and attractive look. It’s hard to imagine a beautiful woman without hairs. Hair fall is like a nightmare especially for women. Pantogar is specifically developed to treat the problem of hair fall and hair loss in both men and women. Research studies also approve the effectiveness of Pantogar in treating such hair conditions. It is available in the form of the capsule that you can take as per the prescription.

What is Pantogar?

Pantogar helps in the treatment hair loss. It increases the metabolic activity to enhance the root of the hair and builds up your hair’s healthy balance. After the research on patients of 39 countries, Pantogar stands proudly in the treatment of diffuse hair loss, thin and lifeless hair, and UV and sunlight damaged hair.

What Pantogar contains:

The active ingredients in Pantogar are calcium pantothenate 60 mg, 20 mg cystine, 100 mg medicinal yeast, thiamine nitrate 60 mg, keratin 20 mg, para-aminobenzoic acid, 20 mg aminobenzoic acid. It also has microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, talc, povidone, and silicon dioxide that can strengthen hair follicles.

How to use Pantogar:

Take one capsule of Pantogar three times a day for 3-6 months with water for effective results. The treatment of hair loss is a bit time-consuming, but its effects are really mind blowing. The best thing about the Pantogar is that it works on the root cause of the problem and then treats it gradually. That’s why Pantogar is high in demand and is highly recommended by the doctors worldwide.

Side effects of Pantogar:

There are a few reports of reactions to this drug. This medicine could increase sweating and invite skin reactions such as itching, rapid pulse, urticaria, or gastrointestinal discomforts. Some side effects like burning, gas, nausea and abdominal pain may also occur in rare cases.

Restrictions on high-risk groups:

Pregnancy: It is recommended that the pregnant women should not take Pantogar without consulting a doctor. Usually, Pantogar capsules are taken after the first half of pregnancy.

Pediatrics: Do not give this medicine to kids below 12 years. There is no contraindication for the ages, but still, it’s preferable to give this medicine to older children after doctor’s consultation to avoid the hassle.

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