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Progynon Depot - 10 mg/ 1ml

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Review by Jeanne Page
Excellent — PLEASE Restock (Posted on 3/4/17) This is superb and affordable HRT medication — PLEASE let this come back in stock soon.
Review by Carla
Great Product and Lack of stock (Posted on 1/25/17) I made an order for a box in Nov./16. I am on HRT for 2 months and this med works perfectly, no side effect and excellent progress. Today I placed an order for another med and I went to look at this product to see if I could make another order of this med. What a scare I've taken !!! OUT OF STOCK !!! I do not know the demand for this product, but I imagine that we are many people who order it. I hope that there will be stock again soon. Thanks ADC Team
Review by Rosa
Loves (Posted on 1/17/17) I loves this as a hrt drug. I wish they get more.
Review by Andrea
Great product, great price and how I open them (Posted on 1/9/17) First of all I wish it was on stock right now, anyway, I am on HRT and this product really works I really love the way I feel using it and the changes it has done to my body, as many already said, this is the best price you can find. I struggled a bit to open the ampules until I found a good solution, use a metallic or disposable nail filer, I usually use it on the neck of the ampule for several seconds and go around it then I use a napkin to wrap it and snap it in two. Some times I need to use the filer again if I feel it is still hard but overall that is the best solution I found. I have not wasted any of my ampules.
Review by Jaycee
Opening vials and administration (Posted on 11/1/16) I've been on this for 4 years. My Bride places a heating pad under blanket for 20 minutes to warm full syringe and bumm. I mix 2ml of E with 1ml of P, so the mix is thinner and doesn't create a "bubble" under the skin.

I also recommend using exfoliating circular skin pads (Target for about $3 for 100) when opening the vials. They have a dotted gripping surface on one side, which helps hold the vial and contain glass shards. Use one pad around vial, and the second (alcohol squeezed out) pad around the vial neck. I believe the harder you clean the neck and tip of the vials with an alcohol pad, the more you dissolve the red band, making it easier to open.

4 years of doing this and these are the best tips i've found. Having my Bride help me with the injections is a tremendous help. I swear by the upper-outer quads rather than thighs for IM injections.
Review by jd
fair price (Posted on 7/10/16) progynon depot in general is effective for hrt. however ADC sent my order of 2 boxes expiring in few months. thats the drawback.
Review by Jada
Review on product consumption delivery and cost (Posted on 1/9/16) So far out of any website this is the beat u are gonna get as far as pricing is concerned and believe me I have tried every possible website out there and all of them are above 120$ for forty ampoules and that's before shipping I haven't received my packages yet so time wise I cannot say I do know that this specific website offers sixty amouples for ninety one dollars and that in itself has me sold because even with the fifteen dollar shipping and handling fee I am getting twenty more ampoules for only 110$ whereas its 120$ for a quantity of 40 ampoules at in-house pharmacies website and that's before s+h I will say website content is about the same as far as informational and page optimization goes but I think if what's on this website as far as advertised is the truth when my delivery cones then for anyone who is on a budget and needs something online this is the cheapest for sure
Review by tanya
great service (Posted on 9/18/15) bought many times, always arrives in good time, very reasonable price.
The one thing I would really like is for current stock use by dates to be included in product description - i like to keep my own stock up to latest use by date
Review by Melissa
My Progynon Depot Review (Posted on 8/30/15) Been using this product for 5 years now, it really helps with my hot flashes and night sweets.
I do however wished that the Pharmaceutical company would do away with those pesky Glass ampoules? Would be better if they came pre=filled or easy pop cap like USA injections are manufactured.
Review by star
very well (Posted on 8/14/15) GOOD,Next will come to buy this product!

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