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AllDayChemist is proud to render world-class quality to its customers.

We have a strict quality control procedure in place which reviews the quality of all factors involved in sourcing right through to the end stage of the customer receiving his / her medications. Our approach places an emphasis on five aspects:

Service Standards: Our service standards are routinely monitored by a Quality Audit team which ensures that they adhere to the set standards.

Product Choice: We have set parameters for evaluating and then approving the product before it finally appears on our site. These parameters are applied after a careful study of the market and then a short-listing of the products. Subsequent evaluations includes an evaluation of the packing, manufacturer and / or an actual product analysis. A majority of products being supplied by us are generic products. Such products have exactly the same ingredients as the brand products but at a much more affordable cost. The affordable cost does not mean that they are different in terms of bio-equivalence, purity or potency to the brand products. Incidentally, India (where most of the generic products are manufactured) has the largest number of USFDA approved facilities (74 at present) outside of the US (Source: Internet, Pharmaceuticals in India, url: https://bit.ly/41eGJE ).

Security: Normally most of the leading e-commerce sites go either for certification by McAfee Secure or ControlScan which are individually considered the gold standard for internet security. Since we value the security of the users, both the subscriptions have been taken. These services inform us of any potential vulnerabilities and our IT experts then resolve them immediately. In addition, all shopping cart pages are secured by SSL certificate (for more information on this, click here) by GoDaddy.

Discreet Delivery: We ship in discreet mailers or boxes to respect your privacy. Most of the packaging material is re-cycled and thus environmental friendly.

After Sales Support: Our Customer Service staff are fanatical about one simple objective - your satisfaction. They have been instructed to go to any lengths to achieve it. Contact us today to experience our exceptional service. Our solid community support (of over eight years) is a live testimony to this. You are welcome to read some of the independent testimonials elsewhere on our site or else a simple search on any of the leading search engine will remove all doubts.

All the products available on our site are manufactured in facilities that have got the approval from any/all of these regulatory authorities:

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US
National Institute of Pharmacy (NIP), Hungary
Medicines Control Agency (MCA), UK
Medicines Control Council (MCC), South Africa
Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention (PIC), Germany
Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), Australia
World Health Organization (WHO)

This clearly demonstrates our world-class quality standards and authenticity as we believe that "quality builds up trust, and and this trust makes us the No. 1 Generics Store online."

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