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Sun Block Cream(Safe Sun PA+SPf 20) 50 ml


Sun Block Cream (Safe sun PA+SPF 20)

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SKU 1691
Generic For Sun Block Cream(Safe Sun PA+SPf 20) 50 ml
Generic Name N/A
Manufacturer Lotus, India
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Sun Block Cream (Safe sun PA+SPF 20)


Sun Block Cream Safe Sun PA+ SPF-20 majorly contains berry extracts and natural sun screen agents which effectively block the harmful UVA & UVB sunrays to make your skin look and feel younger. It protects your skin from getting sun tanned or sun burned due to direct exposure to sun. This sun block cream works for all body parts equally good but has to be reapplied frequently if you have to be constantly out for a few hours. Now forget the tension of damaging your precious skin from direct sun exposure during outdoors like sun bathing, sightseeing, sea beach outing. If you are used to that little everyday make up, this cream serves as a great make up base and would not let it run out in the scorching heat. Below mentioned are some of the actions the extraordinary ingredients in this product have on your skin:


Berry Extracts are natural antioxidants that reduce melanin formation for skin whitening.

Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate is an efficient organic sunscreen agent.

Menthyl Anthranilate works well as a cooling agent to pacify skin.

Titanium Dioxide is also a natural sun block agent.


Pros of Herbal Sun Block Cream:

1) Contains berry extracts and natural sun screen agents and thus causes no skin allergies.

2) Fit to be used by all skin types, including sensitive skin.

3) Blocks harmful sunrays, thus preventing dark spots and skin darkening.

4) Makes skin matte, glowing, even toned and youthful.

5) It is waterproof and works well in all the body parts.

6) Comes in a hassle free and easy to carry tube.

7) Has a sound consistency and thus spreads easily on face.

8) Has a long shelf life as only small quantity is required for each use.

9) Moisturizes well and hydrates dry skin, without making the skin oily.

10) Affordable when compared to other contemporary sunscreens.

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