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Volibo 0.2 mg


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SKU 1392
Generic For Voglitor 
Generic Name Voglibose
Manufacturer Sun Pharma, India
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About the drug:

Voglibose is an Alpha-glucosidase inhibitor widely prescribed for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. It reduces intestinal absorbtion and digestion of glucose by inhibiting the action of alpha-glucosidase in the intestinal brush. It is an effective and safe drug of its class.

Uses of the drug:

Voglicose is used in diabetes for reduction of post-prandial hyperglycemia. It is known for its effective role in lowering the blood glucose level after meals and ensure an effective diabetes role. The medicine is prescribed only when diet and excercise, or insulin preparations do not result in an adequate glycemic control.

Working of the drug:

Voglibose delays the absorption as well as digestion of carbohydrates by reversibly inhibiting carbohydrate digestive enzymes like sucrose, maltose, zomaltase, etc. in the body, which results in the decrease afterr meal high blood sugar level in diabetic patients.


Volibo 0.2 mg is manufactured by one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India, Sun pharma. You can buy Volibo 0.2 mg online at alldaychemist.com.

Dosage form and strengths:

Voglibose is available in the form of a tablet in the following strengths:

  • Volibo 0.2 mg

Before you take the drug:                                

Do not take the drug if you:   

  • Have hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the medicine
  • Have severe infection before or after a surgery
  • Have diabetic pre-coma, or diabetic ketoacidocis
  • Are already on insulin

Tell your doctor if you:

  • Are pregnant or plan to become pregnant
  • Are a nursing mother
  • Have severe kidney diseases
  • Have severe hepatic insufficiency
  • Have gastrointestinal disorders

How much to take the drug?

Voglibose tablets are are orally adminstrered as in a single dose of 0.2 mg thrice a day. It should be taken before each meal. If the effect is not sufficient your doctor may increase your single dose upto 0.3 mg. No dose adjustment is required in patients with renal insufficiency. Consult with your doctor before taking the Voglibose tablets.

How to take the drug?   

The tablets should be swallowed whole with a glass of water before consuming food.

For how long to take it?

Continue taking Voglibose tablets until your course of treatment is complete or your doctor tells you to stop.


Visit a nearest emergency room in case of an overdose of Voglibose. The symptoms of an overdose may include diarrhea and abdominal discomfort.

Miss dose:

If you miss a dose of Voglibose tablets, take it when you remember unless it is close to your next scheduled dose. Avoid taking an extra tablet in order to make up for the missed one.

Side effects of the drug:

The most commonly reported side effects related to the usage Voglibose are:

  • Gastrointestinal diseases: Swelling in the abdomen or diarrhea, Incresed intestinal gas
  • Other side effects:
  • Hair loss, weakness, sweating, allergic skin reactions, low haemoglobin, feeling of discomfort, blurred vision, and swelling of the face.

Common drug interactions:

Some of the medicines can interact with Voglibose and may decrease or increase the action of Voglibose when taken at the same time. These medicines may include:

  • Other anti-diabetic medicines such as insulin, sulphonylureas, or biguanide
  • Anticogulants like fenofibrate and warfarin
  • Mediciens used to treat heart diseases
  • Thyroid containing drugs


Things to remember:

  • Montior sugar level and liver function regularly during the treatment with Voglibose
  • Its safety in childen has not been established therefore should not be given to this population
  • Patients are adviced to continue their dietary restriction with a regular distivution of carbohydrate intake during Voglibose treatment.
Volibo 0.2 mg
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