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Treat Prostate Symptoms with Alfuzosin

Alfuzosin is an alpha blocker which is used for the treatment of BPH symptoms, a condition of prostate gland also known as enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia. It works by relaxing muscles in the prostate and bladder neck, thereby relieving BPH symptoms such as difficulty beginning the urine flow, urinating urgently or frequently, weak urine stream and need to urinate several times in the night.

Although it can relax muscles, it is not an appropriate medication for treating high blood pressure. In some cases, Alfuzosin Hcl can also help the body to pass kidney stones through urine.

How Alfuzosin works

Prostate gland lies at the top of a tube that connects bladder to the urethra. With age, this gland becomes bigger in size, presses the urethra and obstructs the urine flow from bladder. This can lead to several urinary symptoms such as difficulty urinating and even stopped urination. Alfuzosin works by blocking the alpha receptors that are present in the muscles of prostate gland. This causes the muscles to relax and allowing urine to pass freely through the prostate.

How to take Alfuzosin

Usually, your doctor will advise you to take this medication with or after food, as taking it before food can reduce its absorption and decrease its effectiveness. If you are using the extended release tablets, you will have to swallow them whole. Do not crush, chew, or break them. As this drug may make you dizzy, you should avoid driving a vehicle, operating a machine or doing any such activity that needs you to be completely alert. Because of this effect, your doctor will advise you to take this medication at bed time.

Avoid drinking grapefruit juice or eating grapefruit during Alfuzosin treatment. Grapefruit can increase the amount of Alfuzosin Hydrochloride being absorbed into your bloodstream, and may worsen its side effects. In order to keep the drug level constant in your body, try to take it at almost the same time each day.

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