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Candesartan Tab 32mg


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SKU 2251
Generic For Atacand
Manufacturer FDC, India
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Candesartan tab 32 mg is a blood pressure medicine containing Candesartan cilexetil as the active ingredient.  The medicine belongs to the group of drugs known as angiotensin II receptor antagonists. It widens blood vessels to lower blood pressure. It is also effective in treating heart failure, myocardial infarction, and diabetic nephropathy. The drug also makes it easier for the heart to pump blood to all parts of the body. Candesartan treats high blood pressure in adults, children, and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years of age.

Do not take candesartan tablets 32 mg if you are allergic to it, you are three months pregnant, you have severe liver disease, or have impaired kidney function.  Check with your doctor to find out whether you are a suitable candidate for this blood pressure drug or not. Please tell your doctor if you are going to have an operation. The medicine can increase your blood potassium levels. Your doctor will keep a close eye on your blood potassium levels during the treatment. Candesartan may cause a sudden drop in your blood pressure, It is important to monitor your blood pressure regularly. Let your doctor know if you show symptoms such as light-headedness, or dizziness. You may be more likely to develop low blood pressure if you eat a low salt diet, do not have enough fluids, take diuretics, or get sick. To make sure blood pressure medicine is safe for you, tell your doctor if you recently had a kidney transplant, or are trying to get pregnant.

Candesartan 32 mg side effects include dizziness, backache, and flu-like symptoms such as throat and nasal congestion. You need not to worry if these side effects are mild and disappear after a few days. But if any of these become severe and do not go away, talk to your doctor.

Your doctor will decide the possible dosage of Candesartan tab 32 mg. He will also advise you when and how to take medicine.  The dosage usually depends on your age, and condition of the patient. The medicine has not been studied in children for the treatment of cardiovascular events. It should not be used in patients younger than eighteen years of age. There no specific dose recommendations for the elderly. However, here it is important to understand that older adults may process the medicine more slowly as compared to a normal adult. Senior patients may require a lower dose to achieve blood pressure control.

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