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An eCheck is referred to as an electronic check. These are sent like regular checks but - without the paper, envelope and stamp. When an eCheck is sent, bank account of the issuer of the check is debited for the amount on the eCheck. The recipient accepts the money in "pending" status till the funds are cleared by the bank (usually takes about 2-3 business days for processing). In, case the eCheck is not cleared for one or the other reason (e.g., insufficient funds), then the transaction is cancelled and both the parties are notified via email.

For using an eCheck following points need to keep in mind:

  • The payer must have a US bank account.
  • Funds must be present in the account.

To make payment through the eCheck following are required:

  • Bank routing number
  • Bank account number
  • Name on your bank account

All the above details are present in your printed checks

Advantages of using eCheck:

  • Less processing Fee: eCheck conversions are totally electronic and do not require any human interaction. All the processes starting from issuing the check to funding the cheque is done electronically there by processing fee when compared to physical checks.
  • Easy to convert: Conversions are easy and quick. They only have to run the scanner and all the information is recorded at one go for further verification.
  • Low cost: Average processing charge of paper cheque is approximately $1.5 per cheque while conversion of an eCheck takes only about $0.55 there by reduces the operating cost of the business.
  • Environmental Impact: Using eCheck saves on paper thereby saving trees that adds to the natural habitat of the world. Also all the transactions occur electronically, there by saves on pollution part as well since there will be no physical transfer through transportation channels. Thus saving fuel and saving from pollution caused by vehicles.
  • Convenient to use: With eCheck you can make all transactions sitting at home. They are easy to use and the processing also does not take lot of time.


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