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How to pay through eCheck

We Accept eCheck

Making payment through eCheck is simple and much easier than using the paper cheques. To make it more understandable and easier for our customers we are here by listing the following steps:



Once the product is opted for making a Purchase and customer registration is done, the customer will be asked to choose the payment method:

1. Choose payment method as 'Online Payment by TitanMoneyExpress eCheck.'
Step 1
2. Click on I confirm order, to move ahead with your order completion stage.
Step 1
3. Click on the button continue, to be diverted to the payment page.
Step 1
4. Now you will diverted to the payment page where you will have to make final selection to make payment by eCheck( US Bank Account holders only)
Step 1
5. Click on check out to move forward to fill in the details of eCheck
Step 1
6. Fill in all the credentials and click on process.
Step 1

This will complete your order. Kindly note some important points


  • Clearance of eCheck takes 2-3 business day, then only the order is confirmed
  • Upon clearance of eCheck, further processing of the order will be done.
  • In case eCheck are cancelled due to one or other reason notification will be sent.
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