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Hydroxyzine Hcl to Treat Allergy

Hydroxyzine Hcl is an antihistamine used for treating itching caused due to allergies. Hydroxyzine Hcl uses include the following:

• Reduces natural chemical called histamine in the body, as a result helps in relieving symptoms of an allergy such as runny nose, sneezing and hives on skin
• Works as a sedative for the treatment of tension and anxiety
• Works as anesthesia when used together with some other medicines
• Helps in alleviating and controlling vomiting and nausea in some cases
• Treats an allergic skin reaction such as contact dermatitis or hives

How Hydroxyzine Hcl works

Hydroxyzine Hcl is a type of sedating antihistamine that increases the flow of blood in the area of allergy, and releases other chemicals that add to the allergic reaction. This helps in relieving the symptoms of allergy. Also, itching associated with the allergy is treated. The drug works by blocking histamine receptors, thereby stopping the actions of histamine. By entering the brain, it causes drowsiness. By suppressing activity in certain areas of the patient’s central nervous system, Hydroxyzine Hcl is used as a short-term treatment for anxiety in adult patients.

How it is given

Hydroxyzine Hcl is available in oral tablets, oral solution, and injectable forms. You can take the medication with or without food, but take it every time the same way. The dosage given to you depends on your medical condition, the condition that has to be treated, its severity, your age, your body weight, and your individual response to the treatment.

In order to avoid any Hydroxyzine Hcl side effects, you should not increase or decrease your dosage without consulting with your doctor, as severe reactions are likely to take place. As the drug may make you dizzy, do not get involved in any such task that need you to be completely alert, such as driving a vehicle or operating a machine.

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