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Ivetab 12mg

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Ivermectin 12mg Tablet

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SKU 2594
Generic For Stromectol
Generic Name Ivermectin
Manufacturer Admed Pharma Pvt. Ltd. (India)
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Ivermerc 12 mg medicine is used for treating infections caused by some parasites. It contains Ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug with a broad spectrum of activity, high efficacy, and safety.  Ivermectin belongs to the family of Avermectins that causes the paralysis and death of the parasite. It is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and used worldwide to treat patients with onchocerciasis and strongyloidiasis.

  • Onchocerciasis is a parasitic disease, commonly known as river blindness. It is transmitted to humans through exposure to repeated bites of black flies that breed along fast-flowing rivers and streams, close to villages near fertile land where people rely on agriculture. Symptoms include itching, skin changes, nodules, and alterations in vision.
  • Strongyloidiasis is a type of roundworm infection.

Ivermectin is also used to treat skin mites (scabies). This happens when tiny mites burrow under the skin. The parasitic infection causes severe itching. Ivermec tablets should only be used when your doctor has proven or thinks you have scabies.

For these indications, Ivermec has been widely used and generally well tolerated. The FDA does not approve the medicine for the treatment of viral infection.

Ivermec is given to hypersensitive patients to any component of the medicine. In general, if you experience unusual symptoms that suddenly develop after swallowing the tablet, such as rash, hives or fever, you may assume that you are allergic to that medicine. Before starting treatment with Ivermectin, tell your doctor about all your medical history. These include a weak immune system, or you currently live or have lived in parts of Africa. Combined use of diethylcarbamazine citrate (DEC) to treat co-infection with Onchocerca volvulus can lead to the risk of sometimes experiencing potentially severe side effects.

Like all medicines, Ivermerc 12 mg can cause side effects, although not every user gets them. Side effects associated with Ivermectin are usually not serious and do not persist. They may be more likely to target people infected with several parasites. The following side effects may happen with Ivermec use:


Allergic reactions

  • Sudden skin reaction or other serious skin reactions
  • Sudden fever
  • difficulty breathing


Other side effects

  • Liver disease
  • blood in urine

Take medicine exactly as directed by your doctor. Check with your doctor if you have any doubts about the drug’s usage. Ivermec is available as a tablet for oral use. Always follow the dosing regimen provided by your doctor. The tablet should be consumed with water on an empty stomach. Do not eat within two hours or after taking this medicine. This is because it is not known how food affects the absorption of the antiparasitic drug in the body.  In children under six years of age, the tablets should be used in the crushed form and swallowed with water. Contact your doctor immediately if you suspect an overdose. If you forget to take the Ivermectin dose, always follow your doctor’s advice.                                                                                                                                     

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