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Buy Memantine to Relieve Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

Memantine tablets or oral solution contains Memantine Hydrochloride as its active ingredient, and it belongs to the therapeutic class of drugs known as NMDA receptor antagonists. The drug is used for improving moderate to severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, such as memory, awareness, and ability to perform everyday activities. This medication is not a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. It can only relieve its symptoms.

How Memantine Hcl works

Alzheimer’s disease symptoms are associated with malfunctioning of signals that pass messages from nerve cells to the brain. Excessive activities of glutamate, a natural body chemical, contribute to Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and progression of the disease. Glutamate acts on NMDA receptors found on the brain’s nerve cells, and both of them are involved to transmit nerve messages for memory and learning.

Excessive stimulation of NMDA receptors by Glutamate can lead to damage of the nerve cells. Memantine blocks these NMDA receptors in the patient’s brain, thus blocking excessive activities of glutamate, but allowing normal activation of the receptors that is necessary for memory. In this way, the drug improves functioning of brain in Alzheimer’s disease.

How to take this medicine

Take Memantine tablet with or without food with a glass full of water. Your doctor may decide to change your dosage, depending on your response to the treatment. If you are using oral solution form of the medication, then measure your dose with a measuring spoon and swallow it whole. Do not mix it with any other liquid, rinse the empty syringe with water and allow it to dry. In order to monitor your progress, your doctor will call you regularly for checkup. Make sure that you do not miss any scheduled appointment with your doctor.

You may need to take Memantine for a long time in order to maintain its effects. The drug only relieves symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and cannot cure it. Therefore, as soon as you stop taking the medication, the symptoms may return.

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