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Metformin Hcl for Diabetic Patients

Metformin Hcl is given to a diabetic patient with type 2 non-insulin dependent diabetes in order to control blood sugar levels. Keeping blood sugar levels under control helps in preventing several health related complications in future, such as loss of limbs, kidney damage, sexual dysfunction, nerve problems, and blindness. It also helps in reducing the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

What is Metformin Hcl?

Metformin is an oral anti-diabetic medication, also available with brand names of Fortamet, Glucophage and Metsol. It is available in the form of oral tablet and solution, and the one prescribed to you depends on your medical condition and age.

How Metformin Hcl works

The drug works by restoring the way your body responds to naturally produced insulin. It also decreases the amount of sugar produced by the liver and absorbed by the stomach and intestines. Remember, this medicine is used for patients with type 2 diabetes only, and cannot be used for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Metformin Hcl dosage

Usually, you will be advised to take Metformin oral tablet or solution only once in a day, preferably with the evening meal. If you are using the extended release tablets of the medication, you will have to swallow them whole without breaking, crushing, chewing or dissolving them.

In order to keep the drug level constant in your blood, try to take the medicine at almost the same time each day. If you are using its oral solution form, measure the dose carefully with a measuring spoon.

In order to monitor your blood sugar levels during Metformin Hcl treatment, your doctor will take regular blood tests and other tests from time to time. Try not to miss any scheduled appointments with the doctor and notify him or her in case of any sudden change in your condition.

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