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Mignar 50mg


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SKU 2496
Generic Name Miglitol
Manufacturer Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, India
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Mignar contains Miglitol, an oral alpha-glucosidase inhibitor for use in the management of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. It is available as a 50 mg tablet for oral use. Patients with type 2 diabetes can control their high blood sugar levels in the blood after every meal. Your doctor may prescribe it when other similar treatments and a restricted diet cannot gain over uncontrolled blood glucose. The medicine contains the active ingredient Miglitol, which lowers blood glucose by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme alpha-glucosidase in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in delayed glucose absorption. The anti-diabetic agent lower blood glucose in diabetic patients, especially postprandial hyperglycemia. It is a part of a treatment program that should also include a balanced diet, regular exercise and weight reduction measures as advised by the doctor. Because its mode of action is different, the effect of Miglitol to control blood glucose is additive to that of sulfonylureas drug when used in combination. In addition, this oral alpha-glucosidase inhibitor reduces the effects of sulfonylureas. 

If you are allergic to Mignar 50 mg or any other medicines, please inform your doctor. The medicine is not recommended for the pediatric population. Do not breastfeed while taking Miglitol, as it may be excreted in breast milk. If you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy, please inform your doctor before taking this oral glucosidase inhibitor. Be careful and watch for the signs of hypoglycemia, especially during and after exercise. Common neuromuscular symptoms include confusion, restlessness, excessive hunger, irritability, weakness, nervousness, headache, drowsiness, difficulty in concentration, anxiety, tremor, difficulty in concentration. It is important to assess the blood pressure periodically. A sudden rise in blood pressure could indicate diabetes complications and should be reported to the doctor. Also, monitor signs of low iron levels and anaemia, including chest pain, weakness, shortness of breath, and pale skin. You should immediately report these signs to your doctor. Before taking Miglitol tablets, tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease. Please do not take this anti-diabetic agent if you have inflammation of the bowel. Excessive alcohol consumption during the treatment can increase the risk of hypoglycemia. You should share the list of medications that you have been using before you begin Mignar treatment. This helps to void any possible drug interaction which may cause serious health complications.

The most common side effects of Mignar 50 mg are stomach pain, flatulence, diarrhoea, skin rash. Please speak to your doctor if these become troublesome or do not resolve within a few days of treatment. 

You may be asked to take Mignar 50mg just before a meal or with the first of the day. Your doctor will decide the correct dose of the medicine and how often you need to take it. The dose may increase or decrease gradually so that your body receives the right amount of medication to control your blood sugar levels. You are not allowed to stop treatment; if you do, your blood sugar will increase and make you more likely to get serious health complications like kidney damage and blindness. Such episodes of hypoglycemia can be controlled by using candy or plain sugar. Some patients may not get relief with common sugar; therefore, it is important to discuss what suits your doctor best.

The anti-diabetic agent does itself cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). However, when used along with other diabetes medicines such as sulfonylureas and insulin, it can cause low blood sugar levels.

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