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HCG Diet
Mixing HCG and HCG Dosages
Mixing procedure and required supplies

Required: HCG, sterile 20cc mixing vial, long needle mixing syringe, and 1cc dosage syringes, alcohol pads, 30cc bacteriostatic water.
1 ml = 1 cc l.U. = international units / potency of the substance Dr. Simeons dosage is 125 IU to 175 per day Kevin Trudeau book says 175 IU - 200 IU Per day


Wash your hands with soap and water and prepare a work area that is clean, you can go the extra mile by disinfecting your work area with Lysol.


Depending on the brand of HCG you have you will ether remove the cap from the HCG (Hucog, Ovidac or Corion) then clean the rubber seal top with alcohol pad, or if you have the glass HCG ampoule you will clean it with the alcohol pad and then break the top off of it by giving it a quick snap away from you. You can use the wrapper of the alcohol pad to protect your fingers when breaking the top of the ampoule. Take the alcohol pad and clean the rubber seal top of the bacteriostatic water and the rubber seal top on the vial that you will be putting the HCG mixture into.Note: HCG sometimes comes with a second vial, it contains a liquid, you will not use this other vial, and you can discard it.


You will use the large mixing syringe to draw out the pre-determined amount of bacteriostatic water to put in the mixture vial (see mixing formulas at the bottom of this page to get your amount and minus one ML for reconstituting HCG). After you have added correct amount of bacteriostatic water to the mixing vial you will then use the large mixing needle and draw out 1 ML of bacteriostatic water and inject it into the HCG ampoule. Stir the HCG ampoule gently until the powder dissolves, do not shake, it will dissolve completely. Then use the mixing syringe to draw out the 1 ml of reconstituted HCG from the ampoule, inject the reconstituted HCG into your mixture vial that contains the bacteriostatic water, and then stir gently. Example: 10.40ML of bacteriostatic water added to mixture vial then 1ML of bacteriostatic water added to 5000IU HCG ampoule then drawn out and added to the mixing vial totaling 11.40 ML of HCG mixture

You can also use two 10 cc vials instead of one 20ml vial. 4.7 ML of bacteriostatic water would be added to each separate mixing vial. Two ML of bacteriostatic water added to the 5000HCG ampoule, stir the mix, and then draw out one ML for each vial. Scroll to the bottom for more dosage and mixing formulas.

Note: you need to keep the pressures in the ampoules and mixture vials neutral. If you do not do this, it becomes difficult to draw out the fluid.

Example: Pull back on the syringe plunger to draw up an amount of air equal to the amount of that will be extracted and inject the air in before you extract the liquid out, this keeps the pressure in the mixing container equal.

After you have mixed, put the HCG mixture vial in your refrigerator, after mixing it is good for 30 to 40 days. Do not mix more than you will use. You can inject the amount you feel best suits, just mix the HCG with the correct amount of bacteriostatic water to get the dosage correct.

Most people inject dosage strength of 150 IU to 175 IU per day, do not exceed 200 IU per day. Most people don't inject more than .5 cc with these potency strengths. A popular injection dose is .4 cc per day with a 175UI mix, using one 5000IU HCG Ampoule. There is no waste with this dosage (30 day diet /28 injections/ 2 days for HCG to exit the body / 30 day total)

28 injections if you buy one HCG 5000UI Ampoule, add 8 injections if you add one extra HCG1500UI (36 total)

One 5000IU HCG(HUCOG, OVIDAC or CORION) vial mixed with 11 ML of sterile bacteriostatic water = 28 injections( .4cc) of 175IU potency

One 1500IU HCG (HUCOG, OVIDAC or CORION) ampoule mixed with 3 ML of sterile bacteriostatic water = 8.5 injections( .4cc) of 175IU potency.

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