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Natamet 0.05


US$ 2.80

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SKU 1425
Generic For Natadrops
Generic Name Natamycin
Manufacturer Cipla, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
1 Eye Drop/s US$ 5.50 US$ 5.50
3 Eye Drop/s US$ 3.33 US$ 10.0039%US$ 16.50
5 Eye Drop/s US$ 2.80 US$ 14.0058%US$ 33.00
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Natamet 0.05% is a prescription ophthalmic solution used to treat fungal infections of the eyes. The doctor may also recommend Natamet 0.05% antifungal medication for other purposes as well those are not listed here. The eye drop kills the sensitive fungi by interfering with the formation of the fungal area when you use it regularly or as instructed by an ophthalmologist. Natamycin is the main active ingredient of Natamet 0.05 eye drop, and it helps relieve the symptoms like itching, pain, soreness, and redness caused by infection.

Wait for about 5 minutes before instilling eye drop in the infected eye to avoid dilution in case you are applying or using any other medication. The use of Natamet eye drop can occur hypersensitivity in some patients due to its active substance or any other inactive ingredients. Pregnant and breastfeeding mom should inform their doctor to stay safe before using these eye drops.

Patients using Natamycin rarely experience eye irritation, eye discomfort, blur vision, redness, swelling or eye pain. These side effects usually disappear in a few days but if it persists longer do inform or visit your doctor to get your eye checked to avoid any severe side effect.

This medication comes in a solution form to use as eye drops. Follow your doctor’s instructions to get the best from this eye drops. Shake the bottle well before using it. Instil 1 drop in the affected eye in every 2 hours for 2 days and reduce to 1 drop 5 to 6 times a day for 3 – 4 days delivers noticeable results. Your ophthalmologist may ask you to continue the medicine for about 2 weeks until the fungal infections resolve. Complete the treatment to ensure that the infection is cured completely. Inform your doctor if you have any sort of allergy issues with Natamycin to avoid any side effects. To keep the medicine uncontaminated, do not touch the tip of your dropper. Also, remove your lenses (if you wear) before instilling the eye drop.

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