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Natrise 15Mg


US$ 6.49

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SKU 2647
Generic For Samsca
Generic Name Tolvaptan
Manufacturer Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd, INDIA
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
12 Tablet/s US$ 7.64 US$ 91.68
24 Tablet/s US$ 6.88 US$ 165.0210%US$ 183.36
36 Tablet/s US$ 6.49 US$ 233.7815%US$ 275.04
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Natrise 15 mg is a prescription medicine used to help increase low sodium levels in the bloodstream in adults with conditions like liver disease, heart failure, and certain hormone imbalances. It contains the active ingredient Tolvaptan, which helps increase salt levels in your body by removing extra fluid as urine. It is not known if the medicine is safe or effective in children.

Do not take Natrise 15 mg if any of the following condition applies to you:

  • You cannot replace fluids by drinking, or you cannot feel if you are thirsty
  • You are dizzy, or your kidneys are not working normally because you lost too much body fluids
  • You take certain medicines, including antibiotic medicines, antifungal drugs, antidepressants, or anti-HIV drugs.
  • Your body is not able to make urine.

Also, let your doctor know if you have kidney problems, allergies, or are pregnant.

The most common side effects of Natrise 15 mg include weakness, constipation, dry mouth, thirst, increased blood sugar levels, increased blood sugar levels, constipation, and making large amounts of urine and urinating often. Most of these are mild and resolve within a few days of treatment initiation. Tolvaptan can cause serious side effects, including dehydration and bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract in people with liver disease. Call your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms.

Take Natrise 15 mg exactly as your doctor has told you. Usually, it is taken once daily, preferably at the same each day. You can take this oral medication before or after consuming food. Do not consume grapefruit juice during treatment with Tolvaptan. This could cause you to have too much of this medication in your bloodstream. Certain medicines or illnesses may keep you away from drinking fluids or cause you to lose too much body fluid, such as diarrhea and vomiting. If you experience such a problem, call your doctor right away. If your doctor tells you to stop taking Tolvapatan therapy, follow their instructions about limiting the amount of fluid you should drink.

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