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Buy Ondansetron to Treat Nausea after Chemotherapy

Ondansetron, containing Ondansetron Hydrochloride as its active ingredient, is a serotonin 5-HT3 receptor antagonist used for the prevention of vomiting and nausea caused due to radiation therapy or cancer drug treatment with chemotherapy. It can also be used for preventing and treating vomiting and nausea after a surgical procedure.

How Ondansetron works

Brain has a vomiting center that controls your vomiting sensation and nausea. It gets activated whenever it receives nerve messages from chemoreceptor trigger zone of the brain or from the gut. Radiotherapy, surgery, or chemotherapy release a substance known as serotonin or 5HT in the gut, which sends nerve messages to the person’s vomiting center.

Ondansetron Hydrochloride blocks these 5HT3 receptors found in the patient’s gut and the brain, thereby preventing nausea messages from being sent to the vomiting center. In this way, this medication meets success in preventing retching, vomiting and nausea due to cancer treatments or surgery.

How to take Ondansetron

This medication is available in generic as well as branded forms as oral tablets, oral solutions, orally disintegrating tablets, and rectal suppositories. The one recommended to you depends on the condition to be treated, its severity and if you are able to take oral medication or not. Oral tablet and oral solution form is taken as any oral medication, as per your doctor’s advise. If you are using Ondansetron ODT, you will have to keep one tablet on your tongue, allow it to dissolve completely and then swallow. If you are being given the rectal suppository form, then it will be inserted into your rectum by way of a rectal pipe.

Remember that Ondansetron Hcl can be used to treat nausea only after a surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. It cannot treat nausea caused due to motion sickness, pregnancy, stomach upset or any other such factor.

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